Appliances and equipments based on solar food-water system

Appliances and equipments based on Solar-Food/water system..

              Days are going faster and population on earth is increasing rapidly this population need energy for there day to day life and pollution is also increasing for that conventional source of energy that is sunlight can be utilized freely to get some output utility free of cost without damaging environment.(buying of equipments is costly after that utility is free.)

 Some of popular equipments are:-

  • Solar Water Heater
  • Solar Cooker
  • Solar Still
  • Solar Pond 
  • Solar water Pumping System
  • Solar driers

1.Solar water heater:-     
 are very common now days this equipment includes solar water heater with continue supply of water through heat resistant pipes. Solar panel provides heat to water collector which heats water and supplies through heat resistant pipes this system is not applicable in cold or temperate regions at night it cant work properly. once setup of solar systems is done  it provides warm water throughout the many years with to less maintenance.

  • Solar Cookers:-
                   These equipments works on sunlight heat which is utilized properly. These are of mainly 2 types- type solar Cooker 2.Concentrated type solar Cookers

1. Box type solar cooker are  rectangular in shape with Aluminum body.Box is painted Black from inside. It have Reflective mirror and glass cover.In the box several pots can be placed.
It takes 1 1/2  to 3 hours of time to cook food inside it when there is bright sunshine.It can store food item for several hours in warm condition but cant fry the food items 
2. Concentrated type Solar  Cookers are parabolic in shape made of Aluminum sheets ,this dish is oriented in such a way that it reflects sunlight in one point which concentrated sunlight energy on low area which results high heat up to 215°C, which can fry food items on this device and it takes 20 to 30 min to cook the food which is time savings

  • Solar still:- 

                 This equipment is made of rectangular box in which upper side of it has glass with 1:3 slope and at low end there is pipe provided to collect water. In rectangular box we can pour seawater or brackish water which is evaporated by sunlight and as there is a slope to glass clean drops of water which we can drink. This principal is used on large scale in cities like Dubai to distill the seawater and drinkable water is prepared.

  • Solar Pond:-

                  A Solar pond is solar energy collector they are large in size they look like pond
Solar energy collector uses a large salty lake as kind of flat plate collector that absorb and store energy from sunlight in warm low layers of pond These pond can be Natural or man-made but working solar ponds are artificial.
             Fresh cold water is at surface and salty warm water is at storage or at bottom of lake because of sunlight heat is stored at storage of lake.This heated water can be used in heating and cooling buildings,to make separate salts from fresh water,also these ponds can be used to generate electricity using fluid with low boiling point.

  • Solar water pumping system:-

             In this system solar panels directly supplies electric power to pump the water during day time water is pumped and stored in high altitude tank to use in night time as there is no battery provided in these system,This system includes solar panel control unit and motor pump to lift water. With battery provided some additional features can be used and this additional energy can used in tractors,lighting,other power operated machinery's.

  • Solar driers:-                

               Many types of driers are commercially used to reduce the moisture in natural way by sunlight heat many of food stuffs like fig, various gains,vanilla,Hemp are dried.