Electric vehicles to replace petrol / diesel vehicles??? Whats need? And Some E-vehicles availae in India.

Will Electric Vehicles Replace petrol and diesel vehicles??

Yes they will. It is possible as Indian Government is also working to give some subsidy and tax benefits,releasing tenders to company of various  e-vehicles investing in India.Government of India unveiled  'National Electric Mobility Mission Plan'(NEMMP) in 2013 to address issue of National Energy security. Government of India has plans to make significant shift to electrical vehicles till 2030. Bio-diesel is also an option but it also contributes in pollution on other hand e-vehicles are environment friendly and hygienic. Young generation of India is also excited and know the benefits of electric vehicles.Petrol and diesel cars sooner will be history. 

What's need to replace petrol and diesel vehicles?

If earth is healthy then we can live healthy is factor thought to be understand by peoples. In India many cities Iike mumbai,Chennai,Delhi,Hyderabad and many more cities air pollution has crossed its limits and not only in cities and not only India all the world is facing this problem and the major cause of this air pollution is petrol, diesel & gasoline cars, E-vehicles does not produce as much sound and air pollution as petrol & diesel vehicles produce. Also some of experts says replacing these petrol diesel vehicles indirectly GDP of India will also be improved. If this continued pollution will cross its limits various different diseases will be arised in future,Biodiversity will be destroyed and hence without biodiversity we can't survive.

Some project's already done regarding electric vehicles in India are -

  • In Bangalore in 2015 Lithium Technologies Launched a fully electric Cab service for corporates in Bangalore they became first company to Launch electric sadan as a taxi.
  • In January 2019 Delhi Blue Smart Mobility launched All Electric Cab service with 70 Mahindra e-Verito cars and they also have planned to setup 65 massive charging stations.
  • A Motor Vehicles Amendment  was passed by the Parliament of India in 2015, which established battery power as a valid form of commercial transport in India. after that e-rekshaws gone very popular on streets of Delhi.
If the electric vehicles take a lead What will be use of old fuel vehicles and petrol/diesel pumps is the question arising?

  • No confusion that electrical vehicles will eliminate fuel vehicles then old vehiclea and pumps of fuel should have some alternate use.
  • Mainly vehicles should have altente use, the best solution to it is Hybrid vehicles i.e Electric vehicles with option of petrol/diesel as a backup source of enegy. With this type of vehicles when saved electric energy fully drained fuel can be as a backup for adverse conditions.
  • Existing fuel pumps can not be destroyed they can be modified for charging the vehicles. With  only modifying pumps will not work charging speed should be increased by electric vehicle production companies.

Some of electric vehicles available in India

  • Cars-

Electric car in India

  1. Atom Motors Stellar
  2. Mahindra e-KUV 100 
  3. Edd Current Controls Love BirdM
  4. Mahindra2oplus 
  5. Tata tigor Electric

  • Motorcycle

Electric bike in India

  1. SVM Bikes
  2. OK PLAY
  3. Menza motors
  4. Rexnamo
  5. Darwyn

  • Scooters

Electric scooter in India

Electric scooter in India

  1. LightX Motors
  2. Atom Motors 
  3. Avan Motors
  5. BPG
  6. Rexnamo
  7. Thunder wind 
  8. Ether

  • Bicycles
Electric Bicycle in India

Electric Bicycle in India

  1. Atom Motors
  2. Electron Cycles
  3. EBike India
  4. EKO

  • Buses 

Ashok Leyland Electric Bus in India

  1. First bus was launched in India in 2014 in Bangalore.
  2. Ashok Leyland launched there Electric bus in October 2016.
  3. Tata Motors India launched Starbus Electric 9m and 12m which are pure Electric buses in January 2017.
  4. Goldstone Infratech also have contribution to make electric buses in India.