Now a days mobiles are getting more user friendly. Every company in whole world is trying hard, to give there best mobile product which will give more Customer satisfaction for the specific price. After the creation of new mobile Marketing is one of the main strategy to increase the sales of mobile phones in market and then next to it is categorised according to prices by the market.

When I was preparing for this post I got know that even I was wrong about my concept of Premium phones, Flagship phones and mid-range phones. And I realized even many of like me also don't know real cencept of Premium, Flagship, Mid-range, budget mobiles.
Different types of mobile phones categorised according value for market are as Premium, Flagship, Mid-range, budget mobiles. Let’s know about each one.

           Premium mobiles   

This type of mobiles are higher priced than normal price for some additional benefits with mobile such as gold plated back mobiles, diamond engraved mobile,or special handcrafted,etc. These mobiles are not produced in bulk normally, they  are produced in less number for special costumers which are mainly exclusive and specially made for different demand customers. 
As an example Falcon supernova iPhone6 pink diamond priced 315 crore INR, It comes with all same specifications as IPhone 6 with a diamond engraved on back and bottom side of screen that is button which gives its unique quality, Lumigon T3 128GB exclusive edition, Nokia 3220 Star wars Edition are some known premium phones.

           Flagship mobiles   

Usually mobiles are made with more attention with major marketing strategies. Company’s brand value and shares in market are major factors of Flagship mobiles with a good success company gets a grip to grow but with failure of Flagship there are huge loses which can lead to decrease in revenue of company,if more loses it can be the end of Company. 
Flagship phones are aimed at great grand unique design with all-round very well performance at an effective price. 
Huawei P30 Pro true Flagship launched on  march 26 2019 is best known for best camera phone till date
with stunning curve Display and its unique breathing crystal colour it got its identity and got big success. Flagship mobile phones are best mobile of an Company till the date, OnePlus 7 Pro is again one of example of flagship phones launched recently in may it has its unique design with all possible best features and new 10 layer cooling system it got millions of dollars in first sale and got big success. Xiomi mi 9, Asus Zenfone 6, Samsung Galaxy S10 series are some of latest Flagships.
For making Flagship various mobile companies try for innovation and creativity which is majorly highlighted in specs for its marketing. 

         Mid-range mobiles   
Mid-range phones have biggest shares in markets, As they are more affordable at a good specifications.
As name itself says these phones come at mid-ranges of price And specifications.

Mainly these phones are highlighted at a specific specification such as large battery, very good processor,very good camera etc.Mid-range phones try to give the flagship experience at a effective prices.
PocoPhone F1 which is the cheapest Snapdragon 845 phone which come with base variant at 20,000 INR, phone try to give flagship experience at least price, Vivo V11 Pro,Vivo V15, Oppo F11 and F11 Pro, Huwei P30 lite are some of best mid-range phones now a days.          
               Budget Mobiles   

Budget phones are more famous and have big markets in countries like India. Majority of peoples know Budget mobiles as a good specs mobile at a less price but it is not like that. Some brands have budget mobiles like Samsung Galaxy S8 which cost 34,299 INR, Apple IPhone XR(Black) priced at 59900 INR which gives us idea what budget phone actually means. Budget phones are the mobile phones you can afford at a  your budget with best specification with which some brand offer at higher price and some brands at lower prices.
Samsung Galaxy M30 phone comes with large 5000mah battery and Super AMOLED FHD+ display which is best display available in this price segment. Mi A2, Nokia 4.2,Honor 8C, Moto E5 Plus,Redmi Note 7 series are some of best budget phones. 
                Cheap Mobiles 

Realme C2 the cheapest king we can say it comes with all new common features which are commonly needed with a powerful processor and also it looks good at an 5,999 INR price which is very aggressive. 
As the word itself says what cheap mobile means.These phones are mainly affordable by poor peoples which gives all necessary specification. 
Various companies try to give best specifications at least price,mainly Realme C2, Redmi 6A, Micromax Bharat 5 infinity, Coolpad Cool 3 are some of the best cheap mobiles now a days.

Concept mobile

Other than this there are Concept mobile. Concept mobile are primary versions of experimental feature such as folding display, pop up selfie, etc. 

These mobiles are not produced in bulk as these are starting model of an new features but if produced sales in bulk there are chances for failure of working of new feature or less interest of peoples. 

Some month ago Samsung  Galaxy fold Phone were given to many peoples for testing and review, Where Samsung Galaxy fold was unsuccessful in various day to day normal use so samsung just called them back to all review models.

I think above information given will clearly clarify the premium vs flagship vs midrange vs budget vs cheap mobiles.

Common Queries:

What is the difference between flagship and mid range phone?
Midrange phones are most specifically task specific such as Xiaomi K20 which comes with fast charge supports and triple camera setup very good overall design, in short it is forerunner of flagship phone. 

Midrange phones comes with little downgraded and low priced components, whereas Flagship phones are made with little expensive, latest recent modified components. 

Flagship Phones are just companies best Model till date such as Huwei P30 pro model which is most recent and latest tech from Huwei, which is commercially available to buyers.

What does flagship phone mean?
When I serched Flagship word in Oxford dictionary it showed "The best or most important thing owned or produced by a particular organization". 

Hence Flagship phones are best or most important model of phone owned by particular mobile manufacturer.

Best exame is Apple iphone 11 Pro which is recently launched commercially available mobile by Apple, tbus iphone 11 Pro mobile is Flagship model of Apple comapany.

What are the best mid-range phones?
According to digit, best mid-range phones in India are -

  • Redmi K20
  • Samsung Galaxy M40
  • Motorola one Vision
  • Redmi Note 8 pro
  • Xiaomi Poco F1
  • Nokia 8.1

Is flagship phone worth buying?
As Flagship phones are best models by Mobile manufacturor they have best and latest features. Recently launched Apple iphone 11 Pro have Triple camera setup, best in class camera setup and latest night mode with assurance and faith of Apple, iphone 11 pro worth to buy if you have enough money to buy. Remember one thing you should remember is flagship mobiles if gets damage they have high cost of repair and maintenance.

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