Stuck between REALME 3 PRO And Redmi Note 7 Pro?? here is the answer for you.. my opinions

                A couple month ago i was very excited with the Redmi note 7 Pro series because i was trying to get good budget phone with which i can play games non stop with good battery and performance.
               In February finally Redmi Note 7 Pro launched which I was able to buy in fair 13999 INR price.I was very happy I tried to buy in first flash sale but failed because stock just booked within seconds I can say. In Second sale also I failed then i heard news of that Realme 3 Pro have VOOC charger then my mind gone there I was gone mad to see the specification in same price with SD710 its obvious with good GPU it is better choice for me I think at that time, I saw some videos on YouTube that within half hour it charges 50 % Realme 3 Pro,Also it have dedicated microSD slot in sim tray with which I can insert my 32 GB  memory card.
              Then I decided to buy Realme 3 Pro in but it was not good time as my exams were near so i decided to buy it later . I watch YouTube videos everyday I saw on Gupta information system channel that Realme have fake or lower version of Gorilla Glass protection which get scratches easily with some pointy material easily and also buttons are easily removable form body Realme has done some reduction in body charges with low quality material where on other side Redmi Note 7 Pro have original tough Gorilla Glass  5 protection also on back, Here are some links related to it Realme fake Gorilla Glass and and low quality body structured.Glass of phone is very important in my opinion cause we use phone on it if it gets scratches easily then it will be of less satisfactory to everyone..
Realme 3 Pro durability test by gupta information system

See this another video
            For now I have decided to buy Redmi Note 7 Pro after end of my exams. I am using Redmi 4 device from 2 years which cost 9000 RS was fair price at that time and plays PUBG smoothly  and most importantly I don't have any issues still .So i have faith on Redmi devices for quality and performance also no doubt Realme has done great job but when some ask me to choose I will choose Redmi Note 7 Pro now which also support Fortnight with Update.. and remaining point is of charging time which can be solved by Qualcomm 3.0 charger which charges phone about 40 % in half hour and to full charge it takes 1 hour 40 minutes whereas Realme 3 Pro takes 1 hour 20 minutes to charge form 0 to 100 %which is quite faster in budget segment Qualcomm 3.0 charger is available at at 449 which proper price  I think and every Redmi Note 7 and Note 7 pro buyer should by them.
            What do you think share in comments...