Make Universal remote yourself !! Control Anything from far!!

How are you guys you should be fine...
               We use remotes everyday infact we are surrounded by remote controllers. For cars lock,led lighting in rooms,tv's,fans,AC,etc.. allwhere the remotes are used in this electic world. Keeping these remote is so uncomfortable and inconvenient,so how about to use mobile as a remote for all these remotes it will be so easy and convenient too...
                For the purpose of universal remote the main component required is IR blaster which is the key component for universal remote, there are mobiles available in market which already have IR blaster which can be directly controlled by the apps
to create any remote for any device once the internet is required to create remote after that remote can be used without internet...

               But there are many phones which don't have preinstalled IR blaster for that you can buy redimade IR from these links on amazon 
  1. Electroprime 8057
  2. Asiproper baseus keychain type

But these are very costly it can made yourself i.e DIY.
Basic materials required are- two IR LED,3.5 mm free jack
IR LED are available in local Electeic shops or you can get them from old remotes,and 3.5mm jack can be got from old heaphones.

First you take the IR LED and arrange them in way that positive connection should be on opposite sides and negative connection on same side like shown in  this image

Positive connections are longer compared to negative connections then join these IR blaster to 3.5mm jack as shown above in image and then just cover these with rubber or plastic.
             Now just connect this to your device and install 2,3 remote control apps because sometimes some apps don't support to our IR blaster. Enjoy your cheap homemade remote...
I have tried this and it actully works you should also try if you like this post plz comment and follow us for more related content.

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