My experience of buying Redmi Note 7 Pro | How to buy mobiles in flash sale 💯

My experience of buying Redmi Note 7 Pro, How to buy mobiles in flash sale 💯

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In previous post I have mentioned that I am trying to get new phone but I was stuck between Realme 3 Pro and Redmi Note 7 Pro. You can read this post here, to see why I chose the Redmi Note 7 Pro.       

I belong to middle class family so there was some money problem when money adjusted I started planning for buying Redmi Note 7 Pro.In past I have some experience of flash sale especially xiomi sales in which units just wipe out in minutes!!             
Then I started searching about how to buy mobiles in flash sale without fail on YouTube and blogs. With lot of search I made some strategies which I followed in sale. On 11 AM turned net on and checked whether my cellular network is working fine and filled my address details which every flash sale buyer should do before 1 hour, it saves time in flash sale for you. After an hour it was about 10 minutes to sale I checked again my Internet connection then I opened Redmi Note 7 Pro sale page on amazon app and also MI store app. I was very aware because I don't have fast Internet connection of WIFI but have Airtel 4G cellular network which is known to be fastest cellular connection and don't have PC for secure buy.

At last minute I was as much aware that i was counting seconds. I again checked whether the amazon app and mi store app. As it clocked 12 AM, I reloaded amazon page and clicked on 'Add To Cart' but that was fail attempt it take 1 minute to take back to sale page and I was thinking this sale also will be stock out in seconds and my fear really happened!! But I have backups which helped me next to achieve my goal.

After that I opened mi app but nothing happened same story was going on there. When I clicked on 'Add To Cart' showed it some refreshing page. Till this time was 12:08 Am. I thought I m fail... but not I remembered some videos on YouTube some good youtubers said that in flash sale units come in stock in about 10 minutes and it really happened stocks came in 8-9  minutes( just refresh the page of sale) on amazon flash sale page. Then I just clicked on 'Add To Cart' Neptune Blue colour with 4+64 GB varient and filled details chosen the option of Cash On delivery and booked my phone.

 Some camera sample clicked by RN7PRO-

*Picture quality may be low on our website but trust that the picture quality is superb.

🔥 Final Words 🔥
  Finally if you are looking for greqt phone in 15000 this is the phone, best you can get. Many of collegues freinds think buying phone from nearby shop with paying extra 1000 Rs. They buy from shops beacause they think when any mobile problem comes he can show it to that shopkeeper but my friends you have warrenty and assurness of brands you can show mobile in any shop if any problem takes place or nearby peticular brand care near you. 
Trust us and buy mobile online if any problem comes you can show it in nearby shops or nearby care they will solve the problem easily but if you buy from shops they will take 1000 Rs profits from you.

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