Top 20+ Best Free Android APK App Download Sites in 2020

In this 21st Century most of people have mobile phones and through the help of apps in mobile phones they try to ease every work, but firstly to access that apps we need to download them from App Stores or App download sites so here we are to help you out through our list of Best Free Top sites to download Android Apps.

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Many of them also provide cracked apps which are illegal, we aren't promoting them, Rather we are just providing this list of Top 20 Best free Android application downloading sites for users, if they have any issue downloading Android Applications.

malware can entre during downloading these apps so make sure you download apps only from trusted sites we have enlisted below.

You can easily download and install application from these sites but make sure you give permission to install apps from unknown sources. 

Top 20+ Best Free APK Android App Download Sites

1. Google Play

Owner - Google
Since - 22 October 2008

Google Play is available in app form called Play Store and is mainly preinstalled in Android mobile.

Android apps are also available to download via Google play official website thats why we have added Google Play to 1st number in our list.

Play Store is the most famous and most used source to download Android apps.
It is the largest and safest App Store site for Android platform.

Some apps which violets policies and terms of Google Play aren't available on Google Play store. 

2. CNET Download

Owner - CBS Interactive
Since - 24 February 1996

CNET Download provides software and apps to download for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices, music and videos are also available to download.

In earlier days site name was and was best app download site for almost all operating system. This site presently have as official domain. 

CNET also publishes the articles to help users to use software and apps.

3. Softonic

Owner - Privately held
Since - 1997

Softonic company is based in spain which provides application and Softwares for Android, Windows, mac and IOS. With 100+ million monthly users and 4 million downloads, this suggests a great location for many users to download Android apps.

Softonic also try to solve the application and software realated queries through regular posts on their site.

4. Uptodown

Official Site -
Owner - Media Ingea sl
Since - December 2002

Uptodown is Only Site which is available internationally in 14 different languages to download Android, Windows, Mac apps and softwares. 

Whenever any new app comes on Uptodown system they test it and check if there are security issues and after all checkups they upload the app for download for users

Uptodown is also available in the Android app and most of the apps in your phone can be easily updated with this app, which is why it is a great alternative for Play store.

5. Amazon App Store

Owner - Jeff Bezos
Since - 22 March 2011

On 9 October 2019 amazon announced there were 487083 apps available to download on our site, you can say it is the most trustable site to download apps after Google Play. 

Amazon app store is also available to download in Android app format where you can easily download free as well as paid apps.

One of different feature of Amazon app Store is 'free app a day' which provide paid app to use for a day. 

6. Apkmirror

Owner - Illogical Robot LLC
Since - 2014

Apkmirror is run by team members which is trusted blog site that covers Android related posts.

Some of apps like Vidmate and gfx tool breaks privacy policy of Play store hence they aren't available on Play Store, Apkmirror host such apps in large and provide them to download.

7. Malavida

Official Site -
Owner- Ontecnia Media Networks S.L
Since - 2001

Malavida is one of fast growing site in providing APK apps to download based in Spain. 

Full Malavida site is protected by over 50 antiviruses which ensures safety of users. Some Apps which are not available on Play store are available in bunch to download here.

8. Apkpure

Official Site
Owner- Apkpure team
Since - 2014

Apkpure is also the large source used by many users to download apps internationally and is available in 18 different languages. At the time of TikTok ban Apkpure was major source to download TikTok application.

Apkpure is also available to download in Android app format which is one of best app to download apps.

9. Getjar
Official Site
Owner - Ilja Laurs
Since - 2004

GetJar in present time is the biggest open app store site in the world, with available apps listing 974595+ reaching more than 3M downloads per day.

It was founded by Ilja Laurs in California but later in 2014 it was acquired by Sungy mobile company based in china and presently they are the owners.

10. Aptoide

Official Site
Owner - AptoideS.A
Since -17 November 2009

Aptoide is the game changing alternative android app store. It is also available in APK app. It is quite similar to play Store but in case of Aptoide apps aren't stored on any servers, rather each user manage his personal store.

11. F-droid

Official Site
Owner- F-Deoid LTD
Since - 29 September 2017

F-droid is one of most used download site in European countries to download apps, where F-droid stands for free your Android. 

F-droid is biggest app store which provides open source free android apps which is maintained by community members.

Normal apps in daily use are hard to find here but for developers F-droid is like heaven. 

12. Android-1

Official Site
Since - 6 May 2015

With the helpful articles on android, it becomes one of trustable site if you have any issue. 

Categories are well structured thus you can easily find required apps for you and easily download them with highest speed possible.

13. Androidfilehost

Since - 2011

Android file host as the name indicates it is the host to store your apps. App download sites upload apps on this site and gives link to particular app. 

Android File Host makes available the apps to download, which are uploaded on it.

14. APkreal

Official Site
Since -2015

Apkreal site provide apps with cracked version and also regular apps like WhatsApp, Instagram ate available. 

If you are searching for some apps which aren't available on play store then you can visit here.

15. Soft112

Official Site
Owner - softland SRL
Since - 2011

If you are app creator and want to Test your app? Just go on soft 113 and upload your app for trails. Various Operating System Apps are available to download here.

16. AppsAPK

Owner - Tomaya LTD.
Since - 3 November 2011

If you aren't satisfied yet and looking for more apps, then this site is meant to you. Apps Apk site is large store for apps and user friendly to.

17. Androidtop

Since - 17 November 2016

Androidtop is also one of legal top sites which are growing well, they have well organised categories, hence if you are looking to download any app you can come here, variety of apps available here.

18. Apkmonk

Since - 25 October 2015

Apk monk makes place in this list by large number of apps they have for users, also many version of apps you can download from here free of cost.

19. Dlandroid

Since - 2015

Another site to download cracked APK files. Cracked APK's of many famous apps are hugely available here. You must try to download apps here.

20. Gozylo


One of leading site in case of cracked apps, not only cracked apks but official apps are also available to download, gozylo don't store any apps on there server to download.

21. Apkbeasts


Apkbeasts site is new site compared to above list sites, but considering the growth of this site in past months this site made count in our list. many apps are available to download here for without loosing any money.

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