Earn money from link protecting sites, everything you should know.

Earn money by link protecting sites, everything you should know.
To reach at destination we should know the path to reach destiny.

Same is in case of links, they do the work of path through which we reach site we want to access.

In this post we are discussing about link protectors and how to make use of them to protect your links effectively.

On many other online sources you will notice these sites as multiple link protecting sites so don't confuse we are discussing same topic here.

First up all we should know,

What are links?

Links are nothing but URL(Uniform Resource Locator). Without URL it becomes hard to reach the online site you want to reach, thus links play very important role in reaching your destiny.

Links contain resource where we want to reach and protocol with which you get access to that resource.

If you didn't understand the example is here, if there is site https://www.example.com then https becomes protocol and next part is called resource which identifies site's IP address.

Https is the protocol and example.com represents resource name of "example" Website.

What are link protecting sites?

Sometimes people have bunch of links of some files and if you place them one by one on your site it become troublesome for user and in addition site owner miss opportunity of earning more money with these links.

Here comes role of link protecting site which arrange links in organized manner and restrict users access to it by captcha or password. It protects links from inconvenient people or automated robots.

These sites provide feature of password to reach protected links,and also user have to perform captcha operations in order to reach the link. Now you will say what is use of password and captcha.

Well Password protects links from inconvenient peoples and Captcha protects links from automated bot visits.

How does it work?
When you have links or bunch of links you can put them on link protecting website. After that they will provide you a specific link to that protected links.

Protected links becomes visible to users only when visitors visit these pages by links provided by you and click 'Unlock Links'.

Earn money through link protectors.

Now comes the main query part of how to earn with multiple link protecting site!

There are many sites which offers you link protection feature. But some of them don't pays at all they are just for the purpose of link protection.

On other hand some of them provides plenty good money for your protected links, where Payout rates for particular country depends. In India 2 dollar per 1000 views payout rate is common.

To earn money first up all we suggest to choose trusted site such as Adhy.pe, Pastetot.com, hololinks.com, linkskeep.blue, Uptolink1.com and many more.

You can protect links in bunch or protect single link as per your need, just you have to choose trusted site and sign up to it and start protecting your links.

Now when people start visiting your links pages on these sites as per the payout rates decided, money will be credited in your account.

How these sites pays us?
Till this end many of people reading must have one question that how these sites pays us?

If you are owner of links and you provide them in bunch to link protecting website. Automatically new page with new URL creats which contains owner links.

These newly created pages are filled with advertisements by link protecting sites, thus they earn money where some amount of percent is reserved by links owner.

Where you can use link protector?

You can use these sites to earn decent money in many ways.

One of the most used methods is to provide downloading content links such as apk files, videos, music, different files.

In these cases of downloading content you can provide many link options on one page of link protector, which becomes more convenient and productive.

Many of movie downloading sites use this sites and earns in lakhs.

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