OnePlus Nord: 6 reason not to buy | must read before buying.

In recent time there was big hype of OnePlus Nord and people was eagerly waiting for it's launch, but wait is over now as OnePlus Nord has been launched on 23rd July.

For International market many people can't afford expensive Phone, thus market for midrange phone is growing fastly.

Keeping that idea in mind OnePlus was planning to enter in midrange segment and after so much excitement and successful launch it seems like company is achieving what they were decided.

But launching phone in midrange phone is difficult especially for brand like OnePlus.

To launch phone in midrange segment cost cutting is main strategy used by many brands, cost cutting is good to reduce price but it cause loss in performance, feature and quality of body.

Well we have 6 cons out there you should know before buying your OnePlus Nord.

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OnePlus Nord: 6 reason not to buy

1. Headphone Jack
I think many of people will not buy OnePlus Nord due to absence of this single feature. OnePlus Nord comes in midrange segment and in this segment company can't expect people will buy their separate Bluetooth buds.

Especially in India many people can't afford 2000-3000 rs Bluetooth earphones. Add on to it if anyone want to play game like PUBG Mobile which require live sound, Bluetooth headphone can't provide accurate sound.

You can attach type C headphone but what if someone want to use headphone while charging then it will not be possible.

2. Memory card
OnePlus should have atleast given memory card support to Nord series as after sometimes it become hard to store new files.

Especially in 64GB variant, in month usage it will become problematic if you can't expand your storage.

3. Plastic body
OnePlus earlier was mentioned we are releasing Premium Midrange phone but they didn't gave headphone jack, memory card support and also not given metal body.

Due to plastic body it feels cheap phone when we hold in hand. In the similar price range you can easily find many phones with metal body, so OnePlus should have given metal body which could have aded more protection with good feel in hand.

4. RAM type
There are many devices which are launched with new and better RAM type LPDDR5 which is fastest and it could improve live performance of phone.

But in OnePlus Nors have old RAM type LPDDR4X RAM which is slower, OnePlus at least should have added new storage type to give their costomers smooth and fast performance.

5. Storage type
All storage variant of OnePlus Nord comes with UFS 2.1 storage type. 

Where there are many phones which come with new storage type 3.0 and 3.1 storage type which are better, efficient, and faster.

If UFS 3.0 was added to OnePlus it could have given more better performance while performing any task.

6. Better competitor
There are many better options than OnePlus in present market you can buy them easily with more better feature, 
For example Redmi K20 Pro, Realme X3 are the best option and competitor to OnePlus, So before buying OnePlus Nord check out these phones. 

I think many of you by reading this article may feel like OnePlus Nord not that good. 

But we would like clear one thing that OnePlus Nord is awesome phone to buy in this segment, and before you buy it you should be aware of we list of its disadvantages thus you can decide if you wanted that feature or not thats it.

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