Download any TikTok video the during the ban in India

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TikTok had made available its applications internationally in September 2017.

In 2018-19 it got popularity among Indian people. Meanwhile, a bunch of people had posted a lot of videos and in return, many of them got fame.

Recently the Indian government has banned 59 Chinese apps, TikTok is one of that app which is banned to Indian users. 

Suddenly all the TikTok communities in India collapsed due to the ban. This ban was the result of many clashes between China and India.

This ban may be temporary or permanent we can't say anything, but many of TikTok stars and account owners with millions of followers are worried. 

Well anyone in India can run TikTok by VPN trick, just go through this post to use TikTok easily. 

*important note- we respect this ban and we are just providing the way through TikTok account owner can download their videos.

To download the video you need a VPN application and an account username that belongs to that video.

Steps to download TikTok video during a lockdown:

1. Download and connect a VPN on your phone. To know more about how to activate VPN visit our post: How to use VPN in Android phone.

2. Open the Chrome or Firefox browser in your phone and type '' in the URL section.

3. Play the video you want to download and tap share and copy the link of that video.

4. Now search in Google for TikTok video downloader and go on

5. Paste the video link in this website and tap download

6. Scroll down and choose the format of the video you want to download. 

7. A new window will open with the video you have chosen to download tap ' '. The download option will be shown then tap download which will start downloading your video.

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