How Trucaller works : Is Truecaller application safe to use in 2020

Many of us whenever gets a missed call from unknown number, we try to recall that number and when you fails you search that number on Truecaller service as it is most used service throughout the world.

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About Truecaller :
Truecaller is Swedish company developed by True Software Scandinavia AB in 2011.
Its main feature is Basically Caller identification service but by time now it has got many additional features too like blocking spam calls, messenger, sms blocking and more such features related to calling.

Simply it is the service which ease the work of finding owner details of any number. 

It is available to download as application in Android and iOS phones. With more than 150 million user, Truecaller is one of most downloaded and used app in India as of 4 Feb 2020.

Most people do not know whether Truecaller is safe or not, yet Truecaller has the largest user base in India. Well we have discussed about this topic just go through this post. 

Before explaining Trucaller is safe or not you should know how Truecaller actually works.

How does Truecaller work?

Well it's all game of data. Whenever an user download Truecaller app and try to sign in he have to give all permissions to :
1. Manage phone calls
2, access call log
3. access your contacts 
4. send and view messages.

And in addition you have to sign in with of Gmail or Facebook account, once you sign in you have to add your personal number. 

Now if you recall you have given your personal phone number with Gmail and your contacts too. This way they have got your profile data. 

Now Whenever anyone sign in, he have to give permission to read his contacts. This all data automatically saves to Trucaller's database.

As Truecaller gets this data they process it and through some algorithms and corrections they improve their data, this is how Trucaller have build it's data base. 

Now whenever someone tries to find a number for identification, Truecaller easily searches for that number in their database.

In simple words whenever person login he gives his identity and his contacts which contains phone numbers with their owner names. Similarly this happens with all users of Truecaller application which ultimately help to improve user experience. 

Is Truecaller safe?

In this growing world of technology data is most valuable thing. Many of our every day usage apps like chrome browser, Instagram, Facebook collects our data and use it for their profits.

In August of 2019 people first time started concerned about using Trucaller app as user after updating Trucaller reported a bug which was sending messages to their banks for creating credit profile. After some days confirmation came itself from Trucaller team that this bug was there but now we have removed it and user can use our app securely.

You can read full article related to this incident on

Till date no such bugs have been seen but privacy policy of Trucaller is updated many times.

Presently Whenever an user try to sign he have to sign in with his Facebook or gmail account with number and agrees the privacy policy and Terms and conditions, here we noticed first issue which we should concern about. 

For further investigation we opened privacy policy page of Trucaller and When we carefully read (image no 1) you can can clearly read Truecaller collects data related to your
geo-location, IP address, application you have installed, your outgoing and incoming calls and such private data. 
image no. 1

This is shocking that they collect this much of private data for just improving user experience!! 

This much data is sufficient for hackers to do anything. 

Further when we read privacy overview on Trucaller's official website they have clearly mentioned they don't sell any information to anyone. It is

It is really good thing for Trucaller users that data Trucaller don't sell any information to anyone but what if someone hacks and steal the data from Trucaller's database. Well further reading in privacy page under 5th point gave the us answer of this question . 

Trucaller says we take all safety measures to protect this data and our team is also prepared for all this things. 

Well we have gone through many points but didn't found anything against Truecaller's company, which means you can have faith in using Truecaller. Well Truecaller have very confidential data, where they care the user experience and responsibility of such valuable.

If we carefull research we found not only Trucaller but also all apps in market can be unsafe to use. 

Finally we recommend to use trusted apps and avoid third party apps which can risk your safety. 

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