How to use VPN in Android phone - everything you need to know.

In today's modern world it is very important to stay connected with the internet.

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In this case Mobile and computer are most used technology used to stay connected to internet. 

To connect internet majority of us use personal cellular data, whereas some of us use public wifi which is not good as per security concerns, but VPN can be used to remove risk in using public

Many countries have rules and regulations on website content which Some websites don't follow therefore are restricted to some countries.

VPN can be used to access these blocked website, you just need to setup the VPN. 

What is VPN, How does it Work?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network

Before understanding VPN you should know what is IP. Well it stand for Internet Protocol and it is just specific label number used by device whenever it uses network. One thing you should remember is IP addresses are distributed geographically. 

Coming back to our main topic of VPN, it is simply different network path used to serve the internet.

When an user use internet without VPN he uses it's own Internet Protocol(IP) and browse the internet through that protocol.

But when user use internet with VPN he uses the IP which is encrypted and different than usual. Thus user browse the internet through this seprate portal. 

Benefits of using VPN:
➣ Using VPN hides your original IP address. That means you became untraceable in some amount.

Hiding your IP address help you to browse internet anonymously.

➣ Blocking of website in country is commonly known as internet Firewall, this commonly used method to restrict access to some website having illegal material, it can be easily bypass by choosing other countries IP address, where it is not blocked. 

Similarly you can also play online games which are banned from your country. 

In case of offers in specific country on specific website or online service you can get some discount or bonus by choosing the VPN server from country where offer is going on.

when you browse with VPN your personal information is protected. 

In some circumstances VPN can increase your internet speed. 

Disadvantages of using VPN:
 Using fraud VPN app can put your very personal data at risk.

 Some of devices operating on linux, chromebook, etc are not supported to use VPN.

 Free VPN app have slow internet speed.

 Whereas paid VPNs are little higher on price.

 How to use VPN? 

If you wants to use VPN in that case we have explained it in two ways to give better idea of using VPN. One way is by downloading special app of VPN and other one is setting up VPN without an App. 

[1]Using VPN by Downloading an app:
It's most used way to use VPN through world. Downloading an VPN app through Play store or through website is easier. By going through steps to use VPN app you can understand it better. So we recommend to see

Steps to use VPN by downloading app:
➤Download the app you trust on and install it in your device

➤ Open the app

➤ Sign Up if required through gmail

Read the Terms and conditions if you want and accept T & C. 

➤ Go to server selection.

➤ Select the server suitable to you from free and paid servers

➤ Go back and tap connect which will connect your device with the server you have selected.

[2]Using VPN without Downloading an app:

You can use VPN without downloading an special app for VPN by 2 ways, we have explained them below. 

1. Browsing through Proxy websites:
Some websites like,, act as an online active VPN service. You can just go to this websites and can browse the internet anonymously. These website can track you obviously but these is very good if you want to browse for just a minutes.

You can use proxy website by just typing proxy website name in Google given above and go to that website and type the URL of the link you want to browse.

2. By adding VPN in phone setting:
You can add VPN to your phone by just going to setting of your phone.

You can setup VPN easily in 5 steps

1. Go to setting app in your phone
2. Search for VPN 
3. Tap add VPN
4. Serch in google for VPN types, server key and other setting. 
5. Copy paste the required setting and turn on the VPN to run the VPN. 

Finding working active VPN server is difficult in this case also servers are occupied by many users that why speed is also not that good. Our suggestion is to search it YouTube for more information. 

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