Water proof vs water resistant electronics: what's actual difference

Electronic items like TV, Mobile phones, Laptops, Cameras, headphones, Bluetooth speakers, memory card, hard disc, and many more nowadays are coming with lot of useful feature. 

Water proof or water resistant is one of that secure feature which protects our electronics from damage. 

These electronic gadgets are designed in such a way that a particular amount of water does not cause any damage.

You may have heard of many popular brands launching various electronic gadgets with waterproof or water resistant features for more publicity, but most of the time we don't have an exact idea of ​​what is waterproof and water resistant?

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Before going on main poin you should know

what is IP rating in electronic:

IP stands for "Ingress Protection rating". This IP rating provides the standard ratings, which clarify the protection provided against solid or liquid objects to electronic product. If there is IP54
rating to a product it clarifies 5 level of protection from dust and 4 level of protection from water.

Here we are discussing about water related protection so we second number in IP rating we will consider here. 

What is Water Resistant electronic? 

Water resistant electronics can handle splashes of water, raindrops, sweat, short time drop in water, snow in certain amount. 

In some cases if you accidentally drop your gadget in water it's fine for water resistant electronics they can handle small amount of water without any damage, just you need to take some care. 

Water resistant gadgets are designed and manufactured in such a way that water can't enter.

IP rating with 2-5 are water Resistant electronics. 

What is Waterproof electronic?

Waterproof electronics can handle a lot water, heavy rain, drop in water, water stream easily.

If you accidentally drop your gadget in water for long time, it will survive almost of time. 

These gadgets are designed and manufactured in such way that entry of water in electronic body is restricted fully.

IP rating with 6-8 are considered WaterProof electronics. 

Actual difference between Waterproof and Water resistant electronics:

water resistant electronics are designed in such a way that they oppose the water to enter into body but lacks extra protection which can cause lot damage if it is exposed to large quantities of water. 

Whereas Waterproof devices are built with a body which fully resist water to enter into gadget body and however if water gets in body of that gadget it results little damage.

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