Guide to find best phone in your budget

In these passing days dozens of good phones are launching every month, where choosing one from that amount is tough task.

Many times whenever someone try to buy a Smartphone in his specific budget he finds many device with very similar features where he get confuses which one to buy.

Thus, stay connected to this post will clarify all your doubts and will guide to you to choose best phone in your budget to buy.

Before we guide you better we have explained some of main features of phone you should consider, because it's the best way to find your budget phone,  after we  will discuss about 

1. Display
Nowadays displays less than 5.8 inch are outdated and using them may feel very small and outdated. Also you may find 6.8 inch screen phones which may be very big in your palm so don't buy very big screen phone and don't buy very small screen phone.

Well 6.0-6.5 inch phones fit most of people palms so we recommend to buy phone having screen in that range.

Also panel type matters very much where Super AMOLED display are best and IPS displays are also good. In Apple devices where are retina display they are also very good.

Don't buy the phone with display having LCD, and TFT displays, they will not give the correct colour saturation and you may not be able to use those phones in Sunlight though.

2. Camera
For checking the camera quality, we recommend you to go on YouTube and search for for "Your phone + Camera review" and see about 4-5 videos and listen what they are saying about camera if most of them are saying camera is good you can trust them.

In camera specifications don't look at the MP number. Sometimes 12MP camera can give you better pictures than 64MP. So don't look at the MP number see the picture quality they are actually giving and go with Phone which actually giving you best quality photos.

3. Processor
To find best and smooth operating device first thing you should consider is Processor. As it is main hub of performing all tasks.

Most common processors in Smartphones are Qualcomm Snapdragon, MediaTech, Apple processors.

Where number of phones with Qualcomm Snapdragon professors are more in numbers as it is one of best and balanced processors.

Phones whereas you may see MediaTech phones in low price range as they are not as much efficient and powerfull.

Apple device are complied with their own processor which are beat in performing any task. You can surely consider buying Apple brand phones but they are slightly higher priced.

Old processors
Don't buy the device with old professors. Old processors can't perform well in present, as application nowadays are more heavy for old processors so don't buy the phones with old processors.

You can yourself check how old is your Smartphone processors on Google. We advice to don't buy the phone having processors which is 2 year or more old.

4. Ram type
There are LPDDR4, LPDDR4X and LPDDR5.

LPDDR4 and LPDDR4X are quite similar and LPDDR4X is slightly better than LPDDR4 so consider going for LPDDR4X in your budget.

LPDDR5 is latest and fastest Ram type you can find in devices so if you are getting LPDDR5 in your phone it will give far better RAM management.

5. Storage type
As far as storage types are considered UFS 3.0 is latest and fastest storage type.
Whereas UFS 2.1 phones are slightly better than UFS 2.0 so prefer buying UFS 2.1 in your budget.

And if you have good budget to buy smartphone with UFS 3.0 go with that phone it will not disappoint at all.

For more information on storage types and their speed go to androidcentral.

6. Battery
Prefer buying 3700 mAh Lithium-ion battery or more capacity which will be sufficient for day usage.
Battery capacity below 3700 mAh will not last for a day, so prefer buying more mAh battery.

7. Charger
Now a days 10W chargers are old now. In market there are many phones now days you may see coming with fast charger in box so prefer buying that ones.
So consider buying the phone with charger having more than 10W charger which will charge your device more faster.

8. Other criteria

Dont buy the phones which having big bezels as phone with large bezels will not look good at all. 

Dont buy the phone which having old Android version with old Security Patch. Having old software will support many apps whereas old security patch will have weak security this try to buy latest Software with recent security patch

Type C port 
In recent time type c port has been invented which have multiple capabilities with fast charging support so try buying phone having type C port. 

Headphone jack
If you want headphone jack in your phone it's good as it becomes very problematic.

Guide to buy best phone in your budget

Well to select one device first up all you should make a list of phones in your budget by typing "best + [your budget] + phones + month" in google search.

Go through top 4-5 websites and make a list of about 6-7 devices which you feel are good. 

Make sure you choose recently launched devices which are well known and have good brand value.

Now sort out the list of device as we have explained you will find the best device in your budget and you can buy that one now.

If you have any queries let us know in comment section.

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