how to record screen in Redmi phones and some tips

Pure stock Android phone lacks many features. Whereas operating system of many phone brads like MIUI, ColourOS adds more features to have more comfortable user interface.

MIUI constantly try to add more features to the MIUI operating system and also try to provide them in a timely manner.

Screen recording feature one of that awesome feature in MIUI.

From MIUI 8 and onwards version this feature was introduced.

Screen recording app is pre-installed in MIUI operating system phones which is great, add on to it, it have got really awesome features due to which you don't need to download another screen recorder.

In this post we have discussed widely considering Screen Recording app in MIUI.

To use screen recorder more effectively and efficiently go through following tips.

Tips to use MIUI screen recording app:

*Go to screen recorder and open Setting and follow tips given below
Resolution:Having higher resolution will produce large video size on other hand having minimum resolution will produce poor quality video.

In my case medium resolution will keep the balance of both resolutions which is best optimised option for recording screen. Resolution vary phone to phone so we recommend to choose balanced resolution.

Video quality: Setting 1mbps will produce lagging video so you should choose more than 1mbps. In case of recording gameplay you should choose higher video quality like 4mbps, 6mbps.

Sound Resource: In case of recording gameplay you should keep 'System sounds'

In case if you want to speak while recording you should keep sound resource on 'Mic'

If you don't want any sound in recording video you should keep sound resource on 'Mute'.

Fixed frame rate: keep this setting  on to have fluent video quality.

Frame rate:You can keep frame rate on 24fps in case of recording normal tasks.

Whereas during recording gameplay you should keep 30fps to have good video quality.

How to use screen recorder in Redmi phone?

We have created images to guide you better. You can go just go through images it will give rough idea to use screen recording app in MIUI phones.

Step 1: In undisturbed layout Screen recording app is placed in Tools folder. If you don't find just search in google 'Screen recorder' ut will be shown in results.

Step 2: Now Open screen recorder app

Step 3: At down right corner you will see orange video button, tap that button to enable floating red button.

Step 4: Now just tap red button whenever you want to start the screen recording.

Step 5: To stop screen recording just tap red button it will stop screen recording and video will be saved to your phone automatically.

Step 6: To close floating button just tap '×' which will remove screen floating button.

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