Send Free Fire to Another Phone: the Easiest Way to Send Free Fire

After PUBG Mobile, Free Fire is one of the most played games. Both games are very similar and try to improve their game with frequent updates.

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Whenever this update comes many of us can't update it because of many personal issues. And they search on the internet for "Free Fire Kaise bheje?" but they will not get the right way.

If your friend or neighbour has installed updates you can take the updates from that phone in minutes just follow the steps we have mentioned below.

By using the guide below you will be easily able to share PUBG through Shareme, SHarit, Xender, Zapya.

Precautions to take while sending FreeFire :

➤ If there is an old version of Free Fire in the receiver phone uninstall the old version to process further.

➤ In the Obb folder, make sure the folder is named 'com.dts.freefireth'.

➤ Make sure you have the obb file name as 'main.'.

Steps to send Free Fire to another phone :

1. Take a phone which has Free Fire's updated version. Open any file sharing app in it, and select the 'send' option. Also simultaneously open the same file-sharing app in the receiver phone and tap 'Receive'.

2. In the first phone sending app go under the Apps section, you will find the Free Fire app then select it. Now go to the 'files' section and go to Internal storage > android > obb and select the folder named with 'com.dts.freefireth' then tap the 'send' option.

3. After receiving both files in the receiver phone in receiver phone open File manager in it and search for com.dts then from results choose the relevant file and finally tap move.

4. Now go to Internal storage > android > obb and tap create folder with name 'com.dts.freefireth'.

5. In that newly created folder paste the file you were chosen to move.

6. Now go to APK's folder in File manager then find and install the Free Fire.

Booyah! now you are ready to play Free Fire.

If you have any doubts regarding technology don't hesitate at all to comment below, I will definitely answer your question as early as possible.
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  1. I'm still not able to play, after opening app it writes download failed because you have not purchased app.
    Tell me what to do.

    1. This happens mostly because of incorrect obb file name of the game so correctly check it.

      let me know if it works.

    2. thanks a lot that worked for me

  2. No obb for free fire the cobra

    1. Same process is there for sending latest version of Free fire

  3. I do correctly but when I open the game it says continue download😅

    1. With help of this post many people have shared game successfully, you must be wrong somewhere that's why your getting error


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