Xiaomi GetApps : How to win free prizes and cash

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Nowadays the prices of every commodity are increasing day by day and people are in trouble because they cannot afford many things so they are trying to find some free prizes online.

In this case, there are many apps in the market that claim to offer different prizes, one of them is Xiaomi's GetApps.

Yes indeed, you can actually download and use this app to win real free prizes. So keep in touch with this post till the end and make sure you don't miss any point.

About Xioami GetApps

Xiaomi's phone comes with many pre-installed apps and Xiaomi GetApps is one of those apps, it is basically the official Android app store from Xiaomi where users can download tons of apps.

How to win free prizes from Xiaomi GetApps?

When you open GetApps you will notice the 'earn money' section in the down middle area. When you tap on that earn money section you will notice a check-in bar and different tasks given to complete, which gives you a certain fixed amount of coins. Actually, tasks given in the earn money section are about downloading different apps from the GetApps store. Whereas in the redeeming section different prizes are only redeemable with a specific amount of coins. Thus Earn as many as coins possible daily by completing daily missions and collect daily coins in the check-in section. Thus after collecting enough coins you can redeem different prizes in the redeeming section.

Tips to earn maximum coins in Xiaomi GetApps

➤ Don't miss any day to collect coins.
➤ Under the check-in section, if you discontinue collecting coins on any day from the 1st to 7th day, you will again have to collect coins from day 1 so never miss any check-in day.
➤ For completing tasks follow all instructions.
➤ Don't waste your coins in the lucky draw section because there are very few chances that you will actually win a prize in lucky draw.
➤ If you are a new user you can get extra 260 coins by completing new user tasks don't miss them.
➤ Whenever you get free don't forget to complete the missions
➤ Try to download apps of the lowest size possible to complete tasks that will save your time and storage too.

Different rewards in Xiaomi GetApps

  • You can easily redeem ₹20, ₹50, and  ₹200 cash vouchers which will be saved in your Mi Pay account, further you can use that amount anywhere from the Mi Pay app.
  • Under the Prize section, you can see 3 coupons of ₹10, ₹50, and ₹100 which can redeem and use while you buy something from Mi Store to get the additional discounts.
  • Besides that there, 15 different prizes like Mi Power Bank, Mi Soundbar, and much more. You can redeem that awesome prizes and they will be delivered to your address.

How to redeem rewards from Xiaomi GetApps?

When you open the 'earn money' section on an upper-right corner you will see the redeem section go in that section and tap on the cash or prize you want after that if you have enough coins, you can redeem that prizes or cash by following the instructions given there.

Days required to collect coins for a specific product

If you maintained continuity and never missed a day to collect all coins here are the days required to collect coins to redeem the specific products.

If you collect coins every week under the check-in section you will get an averagely 30 coins whereas by completing daily tasks averagely you will get 120 coins per day. That how we have assumed 150 coins per day collection. 

On the basis of 150 coins per day here is the time required to collect points for being able to redeem specific products. 

1. Mi USB cable for 4500 coins - 30 days

2. Mi Braided USB Type-C Cable for 7500 coins - 50 days

3. Mi 2A Fast Charger with Cable for 11200 coin - 75 days

4. Mi Motion Activated Night Light 2 for15000 coin - 100 days

5. Mi Casual Daypack for 18500 coins - 123 days

6. Mi Power Bank for 22500 coins - 150 days

7. Mi Beard Trimmer for 30000 coins - 200 days

8. Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic for 35400 coins - 236 days

9. Mi Smart Band 4 for 46000 coins - 306 days

10. Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp 1S for 49900 coins - 333 days

11. Haylou Solar Smart Watch for 53000 coins - 353 days

12. Men's Sports Shoes for 60000 coins - 400 days

13. Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 for 79900 coins - 533 days

14. Mi Smart DashCam 1S for 82400 coins - 550 days

15. Mi Soundbar for 99900 coins - 666 days

Compatible device & download source

The number of Xiaomi phones is in crores where they get pre-installed GetApps. For other brand smartphones, they can also download and use Xiaomi's Getapps to earn coins and get rewarded no problem at all.

You can download Xiaomi GetApps from any Android App Store Sites.

Xiaomi GetApps prizes out of stock problem Solution
Well, this problem is very common where prizes in the redeem section get out of stock. This happens because prizes stock is very limited that's why prizes in the redeem section get out of stock many times. As a solution, you have to wait. If you want some reward and it is out of stock then be patient and check every morning if there are stocks released or not whenever stock release be ready to redeem your prize as it may again get out of stock.

If you have any doubts feel free to ask them in the comment section below, we will try to reply to you as early as possible.

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