What's Control Panel OR Quick Settings panel

We all use smartphones every day and the control Panel aka Quick settings must be used by you hundreds of times a day to access various settings in one place isn't it?

Keep reading this post till the end to know all things about the control panel.

What Is Control Panel?

The Control panel is the set of multiple settings in one place which is easily accessible on an Android device by swiping from top to bottom(In Vivo smartphones swipe from bottom to top).

When did Control Panel first appear in Android?

On 20th May 2010 Android 2.2 was launched in which Control panel was introduced in Android and it became very handy to use many features of Android smartphone at one panel.

Where is your Control panel?

In most Android devices Control panel is accessible by swiping from top to bottom but in some devices like in the Vivo smartphones you can access the control panel by swiping from bottom to top.

Control panel location in different android smartphones

What are the common settings included in the control panel?

In the Display brightness seek bar, main settings shortcut, Control panel WI-FI, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, Flashlight, Auto-rotate, Battery Saver, Mobile data, Airplane mode, Screen Cast, Location, and Hotspot are some of the common settings available in the Control panel which vary from smartphone's brand to brand.

How to customize the Control panel?

This feature also varies from brand to brand, but you can easily find the edit option while using a control panel. 

Find and tap edit option

After that, you will see all features that can be included in the control panel. Now just drag and drop the feature you want to be in the control panel and then you can use it.

Hold and drag setting you want to be used in the control panel

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