I Was Blocked By Someone On WhatsApp, But I Can Still see online status. How is that possible?

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One of the Questioners from quora asked "I Was Blocked By Someone On WhatsApp, But I Can Still see her "online" status. How is that possible?".

So in this post, we have explained the answer to this question so read carefully till the end to know all scenarios.

It is very difficult to say that you have been blocked so read our post- WhatsApp: How To Know If You Have Been Blocked to know if you have been actually blocked. I am saying this all because most of the time it is just a misunderstanding of people that they have been blocked.

First of all, presently you are able to see the online status of him/ her, which means you are not blocked by that person at all.

Possible reasons are as follows:

1. Sometimes a person deletes his WhatsApp that's why he becomes inactive and if you call, message no reply will come to you, now at this point, you may think that person has blocked you. But when that person again installs his WhatsApp you can now see the online status of that person.

2. Many times a person blocks you, and with help of your friends you can easily find if you were actually blocked by that person or not. But after sometimes that person may unblock you easily. As a result, you are now able to see the online status of that person.

3. Many times a person dont have active internet or due to some personal problem he doesn't open whatsapp. In such a situation also you may think you have been blocked. And when that person again comes online on WhatsApp you can see his/ her Online status.

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