How to Get Smartphone Renders Before Official Launch?

Many peoples are buying the latest smartphones with the latest features. Some of us try to find the leaks and features of the latest smartphones so that they can decide to buy the smartphone.

There are many ways from which you can get renders of smartphone which I have tried to mention below hope it helps for you get the accurate renders of smartphone that are not launched yet.

① Follow Smartphone accounts & other accounts:

Every smartphone brand runs and operate a social media account. Most smartphone brands run their account on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, so make sure you follow such accounts.

Most time brands tease the specification in riddle format where they give some hints in some tricky way which you have to guess.

Also, there are some accounts/ persons who leak various smartphone specifications with the help of some resources. There are many accounts that work in such an environment you can follow them to know the renders.

② Follow CEO/ Owner of Smartphone Brand:

Many smartphone brand owners or CEO's also owns accounts on different social media like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, you can also follow them to get updates on a new smartphone.

To see the list of some CEO of SMartphone brands go here. You can follow them later on their social media accounts.

③ Subscribe to Tech Geeks on Youtube:

There are many YouTubers who do news every day and they mention a lot of Smartphone leaks and renders in that News.

Thus you can follow Tech Youtubers to get the leaks before smartphone launch.

④ Check official website of smartphone:

To get a leak you can also check the official website of the smartphone brand. Many brands give renders on official websites. Some features may be revealed on sites like battery, processor or camera.

⑤ Check old series specifications:

You can easily guess some specifications of the number series smartphone. As an example, if you see the specifications of iPhone 12 series phones, you can easily guess iPhone 13 series specifications which will be very similar to the old series.

So try to apply the same thing to other smartphones too.

⑥ Check News sites:

There are many News sites that write about various upcoming smartphones. they also write about various leaks and renders got from their resources which are pretty accurate.

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