[Fixed] Message Not Sent Phone Number Formatted Incorrectly

We cannot imagine our modern life without smartphones, right? For every small work and also for entertainment we use smartphones constantly.

But whenever we face any errors or problems regarding smartphones we get annoyed and our task may stop due to this.

Message phone number formatted is one if that problem that is very annoying still you will not find a solution on it. What happens is when you try to text message someone it gives the error 'Message not sent. Phone number formatted incorrectly'.

So in this, we have discussed the simple solutions to this error.

The Solutions to Message not sent. Phone number formatted incorrectly:

1. Top-up Recharge:

Most of the time the problem is related to top-up. Due to low balance on your number cause this problem. Thus to solve this issue firstly check your talk time balance by dialling a balance checking number of your network provider.

It doesn't matter what is your active plan you can face this problem and to solve it try to recharge with 10 Rs. talktime.

2. Clear Cache:

Many times due to an error in the app this problem may occur, you can easily solve this error by clearing the cache of your default message app.

To clear cache go to Settings > Apps > Messages and clear cache of the app and the issue may resolve.

3. Restart:

Due to some unknown issue, this problem may occur so try to restart your phone this issue may get solved.

4. Delete contact: 

It is not proved yet that this tick work but still you can try this trick. Delete the contact and again add the contact to your list.

What is your experience, What solution worked for you let me know in the comments.
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