If I am Having a Call on WhatsApp, What Will the Other Person see? Will they see it as "Online" or Something else?

Today I was chatting with one of my friend and at the same time I got Whatsapp call from another friend.

Offcourse I picked up that call and after a minute I realised that person I was chatting with must be online and he must be seeing that I am online then why I am not talking with him.

The same situation must happen to you, isn't it?

In such situation, other people will see your status as "On a call" for few seconds and later on they will see the last seen time. The last seen time will be the same time you picked up the Whatsapp call.

If I am on whatsapp call to someone and another person calls me on my whatsapp. what status will he get. will it show busy?

In this case second caller will connect call easily wothout any voice note. And you will recieve some different option in this case see the screenshot provided below. 

As seen in the above screenshot, you get either decline or End & Accept option. You dont get any option that can merge calls in this situation.

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