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5G is coming in India, Is it safe? Current status in India. Available 5G mobililes and more

In 2018 there were lot of News mentioning about 5G technology, many telecom and mobile brands came forward with their initiative for adopting 5G technology .

Verizon5G is first official company to launch 5G in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Providence, St. Paul, Washington D.C, Phoenix cities in USA which is available only on several devices currently, they are Motorola Z3/Z4, Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, LG V50 ThinQ.

        The new fifth generation technology is great leap for very fast wireless connection and have new hopes for very effective network, this is not only about the cellular network it will also open new ways for future technology like virtual reality, man-less cars and such unbelievable things which will be possible in effective way in India also.
Now a days you may have seen articles about 5G on Facebook, newspaper and many other social media platform which mentioning  about new 5G Compatible phones, 5G causing health ri…


Hello Guys,

My name is Pratik Jadhav, and I am degree student. I like to get rid of technology and related facts and sharing with friends. One day heard about blogger, then I started blogging from march 2019.

On  blog we post technical facts, technology, mobiles ,mobile comparison, mobile prices there antutu scores, automobile related information ,cars information, electric cars and bikes information, different gadgets and much more facts of technology in relation to india.