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If you are willing to write a guest post on our technology site go through the following suggestions which will guide you to write a superb guest post. We can accept guest posts on technology, Cryptocurrency, Apps, Tech product reviews, Site reviews, online service sites, offers and more.

Our Traffic stats:

In the month of September 2022 we got 32k clicks alone from google, we have got more than 35k+ monthly traffic. If you check traffic stats on traffic checking tools it will show 15-20k traffic which is half of actual traffic we are getting.

Guest Post Submission Requirement for now just follow the following requirements we will definitely post your post.

  • Your article must be original and unique.
  • Your article should be in the English language only.
  • No Copy content, you have to write by yourself
  • Your Content should be at least 800 words and make sure it is free from any grammatical mistakes.
  • It’s better to use images and videos to represent your article more attractive.
  • In the case of using other site images or videos give credit to the respective owners.
  • Your article should be well structured.
  • Make sure the article title should be attractive and less than 60 characters.
  • No spam, affiliated, or broken links in your article.

What Articles We do not Accept

  • Topics that have already been covered on our blog.
  • Topics that are irrelevant to our blog/site.
  • Any Fake News or Hateful Content.
  • Translated content.

How to Submit your Article

If you’re ready to follow the requirements then feel free to contact us at [email protected]

We would love to hear from you and get new ideas to our users.