Connect Smartphone With Suzuki Access 125 SE & Burgman Street Ride Connect Edition

suzuki rider connect edition scooties
Suzuki Rider Connect edition Scooters

Recently launched Suzuki Access 125 SE Ride connect edition and  Burgman Street is very awesome and comes in various colours which are loved by many Indians.

As it comes with Digital meter it was possible for Suzuki to implement Application support with Scooter and do various experiments and give features that were not available to scooters before.

For this, they launched the Suzuki Ride Connect App which basically work with the help of your smartphone’s Bluetooth thus many people also call Access SE & Burgman Street as Bluetooth version. You can use the App to connect with a smartphone and you can easily connect to Moped, after connecting it can do various things easily.

How To Download Suzuki Ride Connect:

How To Download Suzuki Ride Connect for Android:

Just go to Play Store and search for Rider connect app you can easily download and install it’s totally free to use.

How To Download Suzuki Ride Connect for iOS:

Sadly there Suzuki Ride connect is not available on Apple Appstore, it is only supported to Android devices thus only with Android devices you can connect to Access 125 SE and Burgman Street.

Suzuki Ride Connect Features:

When you connect with your Suzuki Access 125 with Suzuki Ride Connect App you get access to various things which you may not get without that app.

● Turn by turn destination assistance

While going to some unknown location you need to use a map from your smartphone but by using Rider connect app you can set the mobile to directions and these directions with distance will be shown to your scooter’s screen so that you will not need to take your smartphone to see directions while riding. In addition to turn by turn assistance, you can also see ETA (Estimated Time For Arrival), which will notify you how much time you will need to reach the selected destination.

● Trip Records 

You can see and manage your trips to various locations easily. 

● Last parked location:

Sometimes you forgot the location where you parked your scooter. But with Suzuki access 125 SE and Burgman Street, you can use the Rider Connect app to locate your scooter easily.

● Auto reply

While riding many people get calls and accidents may happen, to avoid this, riders connect the app to provides you auto-reply message which will send a message to the caller that “I’m riding” and that call will not be disconnected. This I’m riding option is customisable so you can choose that option.

● Speed Warning

If you are a parent and gifting Acess 125 or Burgman Street to your child then you can decide the speed limit. So that whenever your child goes above a certain speed it will warn the rider. Which I think is of one of a kind and useful feature.

● Calling notifications

Whenever someone calls you that person’s name will be shown to your scooter’s screen and the light will blink which is in front of the ‘i’ button. All other calls like WhatsApp call, Google Duo calls will also be shown on this screen.

● See the battery percentage of your device

The battery percentage of a device that is connected to a scooter will be shown on the scooter’s screen, so you dont need to take your phone and check its battery percentage.

How To Connect your device with Suzuki Ride Connect:

FIsrsly when you download Suzuki RIde connect app you can see all the instructions to use it or you can skip following the instructions given below.

Then you will see the create profile page tye your name correctly here, then give your location select your ride as scooter and select your scooter model from Access 125 SE or Burgman Street. After this make sure you give all permissions required for this app.

Now you will be taken to the main screen of the app, Now to connect firstly turn on your scooter and then tap its mode button and make sure its screen is showing the “BT PAIR MODE SASO 10000111” message.

Now come to Smartphone’s screen and tap “Pair with Suzuki” and turn on your Bluetooth. After that, it will show the scooter’s Bluetooth name tap on that. Which will connect you with your scooter.

Suzuki Ride Connect Not connecting Error:

Follow the right procedure to connect your scooter with a smartphone we mentioned above or you can try restarting the app, restart the smartphone or restart the scooter. Still, if you are not able to connect with your scooter then watch carefully what you are doing wrong.

Have any questions, then do comment to us we will try to answer them as early as possible.

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