Does MIUI 12 Drains More Battery in Xiaomi Mobiles

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MIUI Stable

Miui was announced in April 2020 and there Xiaomi said they have improved various things in this latest MIUI but many people are saying MIUI is not that good.

Xiaomi is the top-selling smartphone brand in India, in addition, there is POCO smartphone brand which also runs on MIUI. Overall there are crores of devices in India that will get MIUI 12 update that’s why it is very important to know if MIUI 12 is good or not. 

By reading this post you will definitely know whether to update your smartphone to the latest MIUI 12 or not.

For research I watched many videos and read many articles related to MIUI 12 and observed the following results:


There was a very slight difference in the camera department. Camera app loading and its processing is not that changed so far. There are no features added to the camera.

RAM management:

After updating to MIUI 12 many people have reported more lagging than before. When I watched some ram management videos especially videos of Gyan therapy, difference was very clear that RAM management is very in MIUI 12.


After updating to MIUI 12 you can easily feel the lag and delay in app loading. When you open any app you can see the stutter and while playing different games your game may hang more than before.

Should I update my Xiaomi/ Mi/ Redmi smartphone to MIUI 12:

In my opinion, you shouldn’t. But if you are already getting various problems with your device then you should update your device to MIUI 12.

Otherwise, you can see some videos regarding performance and other issues if updated to MIUI 12 regarding your device then decide to update it.

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