100 % Genuine Ways to Make Money by Playing PUBG

earn money by playing pubg

Have you ever wondered you can make money by Playing your Favourite Game? Can you feel your pocket by playing Games? Here are some steps you can take to make money by playing PUBG, the most beloved game ever.

I am sure that you have heard the term PUBG (Players Unknown Battle Ground). And maybe you are a Crazy and Skilled PUBG Player. If you are, then this post is for You.

Many of us are wasting time by Playing PUBG and gets nothing in return. It’s time to Change the Scene and Earn $100+ per day by Just Playing PUBG.

Well, we all Know how much Popular PUBG is. Just you have to take advantage of its Popularity. Show you PUBG Skills and give information about PUBG and instead of which you get paid, so without wasting here is the main content of this post,

Trusted ways to make money by playing PUBG

① Youtube:

If you have great PUBG skills you can also make your own Youtube Channel and Upload the Recorded PUBG gameplay screen on your Channel, to make them more interesting you can try to voice over.

Teach your Audience some amazing tips and tricks of PUBG like GodNixon Gaming. You can show your skill in PUBG and can teach people how to do so.

You also can also try to make videos with some creative ideas like making videos that can entertain people that can connect to the real-time world. Like this video below, which is a story of a Taxi driver.

Once you get the Audience base, you can monetize your blog with Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing, Super chat, donation, paid membership and merchandise.

Earning will be increased if views on your videos are increased, just you have to stay positive and give the best videos consistently.

② Affiliate Marketing:

Promoting different products links and helping products to sell is called Affiliate marketing.

There are many affiliate programmes for gamers that you can join now and start promoting on the different platforms that are favourable affiliate links by writing about the PUBG.  

You can try promoting products while live-streaming platforms and even on a recorded gameplay screen and place your product affiliate Link in the Video or in the Live Chat while Live stream.

Whenever someone buys the affiliate Product through your Affiliate Link, You get a fixed percentage of commission for the sale.

You can also open a blog only related to PUBG and promote different offers and our next point is not different.

③ Blog:

Most of us Prefer YouTube more than a blog with Text in order to get information about something. But still, there are huge Blog readers whom you can convert into a source of money for you.

You can simply Create a PUBG themed Blog and Publish some engaging and helpful articles for others who just share helpful content using your PUBG playing experience to help peoples.

For starting a new blog you can choose free or paid platforms to do blogging.

Now, as your blog gets older and as your blog start improving by traffic you can monetize it by different methods like Adsense and Affiliate Marketing.

④ Sponsorship:

Just like Affiliate Marketing, this is also a better way to convert your audience base into huge money.

Whenever someone wants to Promote their Product on your YouTube channel or on the blog, you can charge them money according to your Audience.

One thing is sure that for sponsorship you should have a good audience on any platform where you share content related to PUBG.

⑤ Tornaments:

If you have skills and love to play in competition then tournaments are made for you.

There are many live tournaments that are sponsored, you just have to register(may be free or paid) and play the custom games where you earn money per kill, for 3rd place, 2nd place and also for chicken dinner there is a big prize pool.

Join as many as tournaments you can and start playing and try to come in top three position so that you grab at least a base prize.

If you are not a Solo guy then try to find well-skilled players like you and make a team with them and join Tournaments together. Playing tournaments in Duo or Squad has the benefit that if you get killed in a match at least your other teammates can win you a prize.

⑥ Live Streaming:

Stream your PUBG Gameplay screen on the best platforms for streaming, and make awesome engaging videos that can connect you with the audience and make a close connection with them.

Whenever we think about Live streaming most probably players prefer Youtube but you can think different and try some other live streaming platforms where there is less competition for PUBG videos, and this may be one of the easiest ways to earn money by Playing PUBG. You can also choose more than one platforms to reach a huge audience.

So that’s all for Know guys. You can also suggest to me some awesome topic cover. Let me know, in the comment section, Which method you think the best? Comment Below.

And for now, Share this Article with your PUBG lover Friends. And take care, Keep Sharing, Keep Visiting and Keep Supporting 🙂

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