How To Fix Cash App Verification Issues

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Cash App is a mobile payment service available in the United States and the United Kingdom that allows users to transfer money to one another using a mobile phone app. In September 2021, the service reported 70 million annual transacting users and US$1.8 billion in gross profit.

A few days back in our WhatsApp group a guy asked about Cash App Verification Issues, I have found some solutions to fix all the Verification Issues of the Cash App.

While searching I found Cash app can’t verify identity so let’s go ahead and talk, first off guys, it’s gonna be a really quick post but I’ll go over some important information on how to get your cash app identity verified so let’s go.

Cash App Limits & Issues

The cash limit for sending money through the cash app is 250 per day, Which is not a huge dollar amount especially if you’re sending money to multiple people so it’s very easy to get to that weekly limit of sending money out.

Also, they have a weekly limit of 1000 per week being sent to you, if your account is not verified if you go over those limits what’s going to happen is the app is going to be prompted to verify your identity and even if you don’t reach those limits it is possible that the cash app will require you to verify your identity if the app’s algorithm feels like something is a little fishy about your account you will have to verify your identity you will need to verify your date of birth the last four of your Social Security Number (SSN) and oftentimes they’re going to ask for a picture id.

But sometimes the cash app can’t verify your identity once you’ve provided all the correct information well, but don’t worry there are actually a couple of different fixes that work to solve the Cash App verification issue easily.

How To Fix Cash App Verification Issues

1. Your Photo Issues

Sometimes the date of birth that you enter doesn’t match up & causes failed verification. Actually, they require a picture of your state-issued id and this is usually why the cash app can’t verify your identity the reason is because of the photo quality if you take a picture of your state id and then you send it to the cash app and it is simply declined.

You will need to take a new picture when prompted and send that to the cash app so one thing I can suggest is to be sure to clean the back of your camera because if you use your camera often sometimes you can put your fingerprints on it and that can smudge the camera and that’s going to degrade the quality of the video or the picture of your id.

2. State Issues ID issue

If the name is not clear on your state-issued id they will let you know that your identity cannot be verified on the cash app also make sure that the lighting is well when you’re taking the picture if there’s too much lighting there’s going to be a huge glare on your state id and if there’s not enough light then there’s going to be too much shadow and cash out will not be able to verify your identity on cash app.

Now, what if you’ve already done that and then you still cannot get your identity verified on the cash app another user messaged me and let me know that what they did is they switched phones and used a better camera so if you have maybe a late model iPhone or Samsung where the camera is just not really that high quality maybe tries using a different phone.

Maybe a newer phone and taking the picture there because they’re going to get more megapixels and then Image will have an easier time reviewing the information on your state id so that is probably the best fix if you can’t verify your identity on the cash app clean.

3. Re-install the app

Sometimes apps cause some bugs which result in some issues and errors associated with the app. Your Device or from your ios device then go back into the app store and then re-download it and then go through the verification process again think of this as kind of like restarting your computer or restarting your phone

It’s the same thing it might not be anything to do with verifying your identity it might be something some sort of a bug inside of your particular app that’s downloaded on your phone so try that and see if it works, and lastly.

4. Try to use a website

If you are facing an issue verifying your identity in the Cash app then you can try to verify your identity on the official website of the easily. Just go to the website and try to log in and verify similarly as you do in the mobile app.

A lot of users have reported that this method works most of the time. So this must-try option for you.

5. Use Different device

You can also try to use another device and install the Cash app there. After that login to your account and try to verify your identity using that device. After verifying your identity you can simply log out of your account and then log in to your account on your primary device.

6. Try a new email or phone number

If you still cannot get verified on the cash app then you’re going to need to create a new cash app account you’ll need to use a new email or a new phone number instead of a completely different cash app so again this is not an ideal situation because it’s possible that you already have your account set up on cash app.

But if you create a new cash app with a new email a lot of users have said that they were able to verify their identity on the new cash app account it’s kind of an annoying process to set up a whole new account but if all else fails and you sent in your identification and they keep telling you that you can’t verify.


Most of the time reinstalling and clearing the cache of the app or simple restart to your device can help solve the Cash app issue. If that doesn’t help you can try other solution tips that we have shared in this article.

Hopefully, you got the method to solve the issue. Be sure to leave a comment below to let the rest of us know.

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