How Long Does it Take to Deactivate Your Mobile Number in India if You Are Not Using it?

Indian sim card

In past few years due to the fast boom the cell subscriber base in India , cell operators are witnessing a extreme crunch for the availability of Sim cards.

Additionally, the revised pointers issued through DoT in July 2011 for allocation of latest range collection primarily based totally has modified the standards of allocation from being HLR primarily based totally to VLR primarily based totally. This has necessitated the operators to re-go to the diverse procedures and produce returned unused numbers for re-distribution for brand new acquisitions.

For more convienience and smooth working DOT were introduced allocation of new number series based has changed the criteria of allocation from being HLR based to VLR based back in 2011.

This rules aims at effcient and effctive implementation of utilizing unused and old numbers at once.

How Long Does it Take to Deactivate Your Mobile Number in India if You Are Not Using it?

TRAI found that 80% of the customers who have not used the SIM for a continuous period of 30 days, do
not use the SIM at all, and in these 80% customers about 90% customers dont use sim card for more than 60 days.

These cusotmers who dont use sim card for more than 60 days of continuously are considered for the deactivation of SIM.

TRAI also ads that, there should be mandatory recharge in 6 months. Considering all the aspects, if there is a continuous non usage for 60 days, then the criteria of deactivation shall be applicable.

In 2013, As per the regulations of TRAI also added that services to a prepaid mobile connection will be deactivated for those subscribers who do not maintain a balance of Rs. 20 or more and those who do not use the number for outgoing or incoming calls, SMS, data or voice or video calls for a period of 90 days.

How to Deactivate Sim card manually in India

If you are willing to In India, it typically takes about a week to deactivate a mobile number. This process is usually initiated by the service provider, and it can take several days for the deactivation to be completed.

You may need to visit a store or call customer service to request deactivation of your mobile number. Keep in mind that you may need to pay any outstanding charges or fees before your mobile number can be deactivated.

How can I activate my SIM card if it’s already expired?

If your SIM card is already expired, you will be given the option to either activate it or replace it with a new one.

To check if your SIM card is already expired, you can visit the website and enter your mobile number in the respective form. Once activated, your SIM card will work for up to two months and after that, you’ll have to renew it again.

How Long Does it Take to Deactivate Your Jio, Airtel, Vi, BSNL Mobile Number in India if You Are Not Using it?

As per regulations it is minimum 60 days that user get to own number without recharge. But sim providers like airtel, Vi, Jio, BSNL can decide the period of minimum deactivation. Most of the companies have more than 60 days period of deactivtion.


Hope you got all the information reaarding deactivating you sim card by telecommunication companies. If you have any doubts comment down below.

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