How To Download Apps From Google Play Store’s Website On Android


Play Store is the biggest source for downloading millions of Android apps, and to use it most Android user’s use the Play Store’s official app which comes preinstalled on Android smartphones.

In some cases, due to some error, it is likely to cause an interruption in downloading a specific app from Google’s Play Store app. In this situation, you don’t want to download apps from Android app stores, and still want to download an app from Play Store then keep reading this post till the end to know how to download apps from Play Store’s website on an Android smartphone.

Method 1: How To Download Apps from Google Play Store’s Website On Android using Windows or iOS device

By using this method you will be able to download and install an app on your device remotely, you don’t need your device in your hand at all just make sure you have an active internet connection and Gmail sync on in your setting.

First of all, you need a second device it may be Windows or iOS, no problem at all.

In my case, I am using a Windows device for downloading the app on my Android device.

Step 1: Open the Chrome browser or any other browser on your second device and search ‘play store’ in it and open the official Google Play store’s site.

search play store
Searching Play store on Google

Step 2: Now search and open the app you want to download and click or tap the ‘install’ button.

Play store app
Find and tap Install

Step 3: For installing the app you have to log in Gmail account which is logged in your Android device.

If you haven’t logged in with Gmail then login to it and if you are already logged in to Gmail that your Android device has then follow the next step.

Play store sign in
Sign in to Gmail
play store sign in gmail
Enter Gmail
enter password%2B of gmail
Enter Gamil’s Password

Step 5: Then select the device on which you want to install the app. 

Afterwards, you have to type your Gmail password again but don’t worry about it, as it is for once.

gmail associated device
Selct the device in which you want to install app

At last notification about the installation of the app will be shown with the message “——– will be installed on your device soon.”

app installed notification
Notification of installation of app in your device

Method 2: How To Download Apps from Google Play Store’s Website On Android using the Android device

There are two cases of it: 
1. Downloading apps from another Android device:
Downloading apps to one Android phone from another Android device lot easy you just follow the same steps given in method 1.

2. Downloading apps from the same Android device:
Download Android apps from the Play store’s website using the same device bit hard as when you open the Play store website you are redirected to the Play store app most of the time.

To avoid this redirection to the Play store’s app you have to try different trusted browsers or try incognito mode in any browser, then follow the steps same like method 1.


Downloading an Android app on an Android smartphone remotely i.e without even touching it is possible just you need a Windows/ iOS/ or an Android device to do it.

By following these above steps you will definitely install the android app and enjoy it, or you can also do a prank with someone.

That’s it for now, if you have any questions regarding this post or anything techie do contact me in the comment section.

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