Ad Blocker Detected, You Need to Disable It In Order to Setup AdSense

AVvXsEgNMWAUieW4DK6hqKj vEQgZq7zfrp6fazD PVQhbUXjIb4lBuEcZALuX4raIau7LLOAHQcVkdDFlHhzTjKKxW18n4xdStN9vsDpmjIT9jiyHM mFWt06WbedSmGNpOlLg QGGeLgBAVUYkzDdisTZYvyGdsYCIb01 tSKDYiKFlCTEvOq2tnBAjW4Y=s16000 rwWhile setting up WordPress plugin: Site Kit by Google – Analytics, Search Console, AdSense, speed for connecting the Adsence to my site but I faced a problem where it was saying ‘Ad blocker detected, you need to disable it in order to setup AdSense‘.

I found various things which I am going to share in this blog post so keep your eye on this post till the last word to know the scenario.

There may be a few reasons for this error:

1. Adblocker Software :

Adblocker may be installed in your browser or system itself. From a browser, you can easily disable that extension problem will be automatically solved.

Many times due to anti-malware/Antivirus software it blocks ads on your different browsers so try some kind of setting in your browser that is blocking ads on your browser and disable it.

2. Reinstall plugin:

In my case this worked for me, after this error I tried to uninstall and install the back plugin and it worked for me.

3. Try to open it in incognito mode:

If you fail to solve this problem then try logging into your account in ‘Incognito mode’ and this plugin will definitely work.

4. Try to open an account on your smartphone:

If all the above solutions don’t work then open your account on a smartphone that doesn’t have an ad blocker or antivirus software in it.

Then try to open this software it must work for you.

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