What is Spam, Phishing & Pharming | Most Occuring Types of Scams


Fraudsters are filled on the internet and they eagerly wait for someone to scam on them and get money.

They can fraud with you on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail, and other social media even they can send fraud text messages on your phone number.

In 2021 scams rate has been increased and day by day many innocent peoples are getting into their net and they are earning lakhs of money from it, by using which fraudsters are building new software and finding more ways to scam on the internet.

Presently on the internet spam, phishing, and pharming are the most occurring type of scams on the internet so today let’s take a look at each of them.

① Spam:

Spam is the message or a file that is sent typically to a large number of audience, generally for the purpose of phishing, advertising, promoting malware, etc.

② Phishing:

Phishing is promoting fake products, services, giveaways mostly designed to look legit in order to take someone’s personal confidential information.

③ Pharming:

Pharming is fake websites that are malicious and used to collect names, usernames, passwords, phone numbers, etc.

How to avoid online scams:

In 2021 many peoples are finding different loopholes on different parts of the internet and they use those loopholes against various peoples to earn money directly or indirectly.

We have mentioned some tips in short below, but for detailed description and understanding, you read our post- 14 Helpful Genuine Tips for Safer Web Browsing Experience.

  1. Use trusted sites to download Software/apps.
  2. Use any Security software.
  3. Use strong passwords for your online accounts.
  4. Use a trusted VPN.
  5. Avoid using public Wi-FI.
  6. Keep your operating system up to date.
  7. Avoid visiting video download sites.
  8. Use two-factor authentication for your accounts.
  9. Use a secure browser.
  10. Avoid clicking on suspicious social media links or advertisements.
  11. Use Sandbox.
  12. Open suspicious links in incognito mode.
  13. Do money transactions only from well-known sites.
  14. Be careful while uploading personal information on the internet.

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