What are scam websites? What to do If Got scammed by site?


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 What is a scam website & How does it Work?

The sites which sell fake or unsatisfactory purchasable products or services, in order to defraud and infect devices with malware and get money from people are called scam websites.

Website owners use loopholes present on the internet and set up a specific setup by using which they do frauds with various people and earn money from it.

Usually, these scammy sites offer various products which are generally fake, many times they use name brands to give names to their products in order to show them as a legit product or service.

Most of the time when someone buys something from these sites, either product or service never ships to you, or the fake product or service is delivered to you.

Sometimes while doing online payment they record your card details and use it to debit money from your account.

Even some websites use to give some service to you but while using such websites you get infected with malware which they use to grab your money someway.

② Different Types of scam Websites:

1. Shopping scam website

It is the most used type of scam in the world. These sites usually record your card details or deliver fake products to you.

Sometimes these sites can deliver the original products so as to build trustworthiness. These sites offer products at very cheap prices so as to attract people.

2. Baiting/ Phishing scam websites

On such websites, they program fake giveaways or free prizes. But they bait people and take financial information and take false fees.

Later on, they use these details to fraud with you.

3. Malware scam website

These types of websites are filled with various malware which is infected to your device by scaring, offering, or installing fake software.

Now by using this malware owners steal your personal information.

③ How to identify scam websites:

By luck, there are some ways by which you can easily decide whether the website is a scam or not. They are as follows.

1. Design:

If you watch such websites carefully you will observe low-quality images, average design. On the other hand, if you take a look at a legit website it will have a very good home design.

2. Missing Pages:

If you check all important pages such as disclaimer, about us, privacy policy, etc will be either absent or improper.

And also check about us whether they have mentioned their office address or not. If they haven’t mentioned any address then chances are high that site is a scam.

3. Grammer mistakes:

Most time such websites have many grammar mistakes if you read them carefully. So dont trust sites having a lot of grammar mistakes.

④ Examples of scam websites:

We already have a covered list of scam websites so look at them you will get very good insight from that list.

⑤ How to avoid scam websites:

In 2021 scam websites are increasing and many people are also suffering from these scams. So avoiding them is very important in such cases to get free from such scammy sites. Read all avoiding points so that you can avoid website scams on you.

● Payment:

Most time when someone does payment on a scam website they will never repay you, rather they can steal your bank details. That’s why you should not buy anything online using a Bank account or debit card. Using Credit cards to buy anything online gives you some protection over other methods that’s why you should do online payments by using credit cards.

● Domain Name:

If a site has an odd domain name and doesn’t look legit you should check them on the internet for review. Also, there are some sites that have a similar domain name to legit sites such as Amz.org, 

● Search on the Internet:

If you found example.com and want to know it is legit or not then, search “example.com” + review on google now read the review from various sites you will definitely get a good insight using this method. We also have made a list of scam websites do check that also.

● VPN:

When you browse the internet you browse with a specific IP address that can be visible to scam website owners and they can get your personal information through it. That’s why you should buy a VPN service so as to hide your information.

● Presence of Mind:

While on a scam website asks yourself if that product justifying that price if it is too cheap then check thrice if that site is legit or not. Many sites offer you giveaways and free rewards, in this case also you shouldn’t share any personal information with such a website.

⑥ What if you become a victim of a scam website in India

By using techniques to avoid various scam websites you can easily tackle situations. If you have been the victim of fraud due to any obvious reason then do try to close that loophole. For example, if you have been scammed online by using your bank account then do inform your bank.

If you have been scammed by a site in India then you can easily file a complaint on https://www.cybercrime.gov.in. If you file a complaint against them you get a refund within 10 days of your scam.

In 2022 and coming years these scams will not stop scammers will always try to find different loopholes in a system so as to steal money. so be smart and dont share your personal information anywhere and do add 2step-verification securities to your online accounts scammers will not be able to reach your accounts then.

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