Best 7 wireless mouse to buy in India under ₹500 in 2021

Operating a computer is a tough task but with the use of a keyboard and mouse, it becomes easy to give a command to our computer. but many times it becomes very incompatible and uncomfortable to use them due to their wire connection.

The mouse is most used in operating a computer thus we consider having at least a wireless mouse which will give you the best comfort and usability to operate a computer.

Recently I searched a lot to buy a wireless mouse and found very few wireless mice which are actually worth buying so without wasting time here is the list of the Best 7 wireless mice to buy in India under ₹500 in 2021.

important note– All mice that we have listed below support Windows, Mac, Linux Operating systems so don’t worry about your Operating system, and also it will not matter if you have a laptop or PC, all mice we have included will support your device.

1. Quantum QHM262W

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There are very few mice that have very good quality with good durability and Quantum QHM262 is one of those mice.
This Quantum mouse has a very comfortable grip and has a handy feel too.
Features :
➤ Have a wireless range up to 10 meter
➤ Works on 2.4 GHz radiofrequency
➤ It has in the build USB dongle
➤ High precision Optical control
➤ Textured grip control
➤ It requires a 2 × AAA battery to work

Support: Windows, Mac, Linux operating systems

Buy Now: Amazon

2. iBall FreeGo G25

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If you are searching for a trusted brand wireless mouse you should consider buying the iBall FreeGo G25. This mouse features a very good grip that will not feel uncomfortable even during a long time of daily usage.

➤ Very lightweight i.e just 57 g
➤ High-speed optical mouse
➤ Piano Shiny finish
➤ Comfortable and Ergonomic design
➤ USB receiver available with a mouse
➤ Automatic power saving
➤ Long duration performance
➤ It requires a 1 × AA battery to work

Support: Windows, Mac, Linux

Buy Now: Amazon

3. Portronics Toad 11

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If you are looking for a different look mouse Portronics Toad 11 is made for you, it is available in 2 different colours of blue and grey


➤ 3D ergonomic design

➤ can reduce hand fatigue
➤ Low power consumption
➤ Very easy to use
➤ Optical mouse
➤ It works on 1 AAA batteries

Support: Windows, Mac, Linux

Buy Now: Amazon

4. Portronics Toad 12

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If you are looking for different colours and different look mice under ₹500 this mouse meant to you. Its 3d ergonomic design will help you feel comfortable.

➤ Optical mouse
➤ 10-meter range
➤ 3D ergonomic and ambidextrous design
➤ 2.4G connection
➤ 6-month power from one cell
➤ It requires 1 × AA batteries to work

Support: Windows, Mac, Linux

Buy Now: Amazon

5. Zebronics Bold

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Zebronics Bold is another good wireless mouse you should consider as its simple and classic look makes it a great choice for the user under 500

➤ It supports up to 1600 DPI
➤ Classic design
➤ About 3 million cycle button life
➤ High precision optical sensor
➤ 4 number of buttons
1 × AA battery it requires to work

Support: Windows, Mac, Linux

Buy Now: Amazon

6. Zebronics Dash

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Another great deal to look for is a wireless mouse. It is simple looking compact and comfortable to use.

Adjustable DPI up to 1600 DPI
4 buttons to operate
Smart energy saving
Optical Mouse
Works on most surfaces
1 × AA battery it requires to work
Support: Windows, Mac, Linux

Buy Now: Amazon

Have any questions regarding mouse or other tech problems then do ask in the comment box we would love to answer you as early as possible.

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