5 Best call waiting apps for iOS & Android

call waiting apps

The call waiting feature provides you with a facility to manage multiple calls at one time. Thus it becomes a necessary app for once.

However, Call waiting is provided by your smartphone brand but inbuild call waiting cannot provide you multiple options to manage multiple calls.

Thus it is important to have a separate call waiting for the app. That’s why we are here to install the best call waiting for app for iOS and Android, so keep reading this post till the end to know about them.

5 Best call waiting apps for iOS & Android

For iOS

1. Vonage Business Communication

Vonage 1

Vonage Business Communication (VBC) merges calling, messaging and also meetings worldwide to supply seamless interaction between consumers as well as staff members using a versatile, global cloud communication platform.

Recently VBC has given many features related to call waiting which is really useful also Activate Call Forwarding or Do Not Disturb status is also available for your user experience.

2. World Phone

world phone

World phone is basically all in one caller app where can manage your contacts, Clear and Reliable voice calls, Text-searchable Virtual Voicemail, Easy contacts, call notifications, call waiting, call hold, recent calls integration and more.

World phone has great user-friendly user experience on iPhone 5 and latest iPhones till latest iPhone 13 series.

It can manage your incoming calls smoothly and other supportive features like call waiting, call hold are there to help you out to give you the best call user experience.

For Android

1. Call Waiting Enabler

Call Waiting Enabler

If your smartphone is not allowing call waiting then and while on call if you are not receiving any notifications of another call then this app is dedicated made for you.

This app automatically setup your call waiting for the feature and setting it up is very user friendly.

In short, it is the most recommended and trusted android call waiting for app which helps you to solve issues related to call waiting. So if you have any problem with call waiting in android then don’t think too much about installing this app, this app is our recommendation.

2. Call Waiting Ringer

Call Waiting Ringer free

Extremely useful which Plays a sound when a call waiting is received. Very convenient way not to miss a call-waiting when there is loud noise nearby. Very easy and clear setup and user interface. Even a child can figure it out.

3. Advanced Call Settings

Advanced Call Settings

Advanced Call Settings is a replacement for the Call Settings menu on Android phones. This app covers all functions in the Call Settings menu, and it includes many advanced settings that you can not do with the built-in Call Settings menu.

The call waiting feature is very well implemented in this app and in addition Call Hold, Explicit Call Transfer, Multi-Party service, Call Barring, and many more options are available.

This is it that all, for now, have any issues related to tech or apps then don’t forget to ask in the comment box, it will be our pleasure to answer your questions.

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