Why do manufacturers of phones Nowadays have a non-removable battery in their phones?


Technology is improving day by day and phones are one of the most active industries where many new features and innovations are evolving.

Whether it’s displays or processors, the smartphone industry is always making some user-friendly changes to make their smartphones the best.

The battery is one of the most important parts of the phone and brands had made a lot of changes since their existence.

In the starting era of phones, they used to come with Removable types of batteries which were very common in that period.

The first-ever phone that was released with a non-removable battery was the very first iPhone but from 2015 most flagship phones started coming with non-removable batteries and later from 2017 most of the smartphones started coming with non-removable batteries.

IPhone First Generation 8GB 3680480234
The first smartphone with a non-removable battery: First iPhone

But what happened actually in the back-end, that mobile phone companies started manufacturing most of their mobile phones with non-removable batteries, so that’s our topic in this post.

What is a Removable and Non-removable battery phone?

A removable battery is a battery that can be taken out of your phone. You can usually remove it by sliding or opening the back panel on your phone and lifting the battery out.

removable battery
Removable Battery

Whereas in non-removable battery smartphones battery cannot be taken out of the phone easily and usually back panel is perfectly fixed and it is hard to remove the back panel for a normal user.

non removable battery
Non-removable battery

Advantages and Disadvantages of Removable batteries

Removable batteries have their own advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Easy to dry: If phones get water into them then the battery can be easily removed and dried in the sunlight.
  2. Easy to Replace: Old removable battery can be easily replced with new one.
  3. Easy to repair: Removable battery smartphone has easy to remove back panel which makes such smartphones easy to repair and batteries itself are very easy to repair.
  4. Hard Restart: In a situation if your phone stcuks and nothing works then removing battery and again placing it is prefered removable batteries make it easy to hard restart.
  1. Size: Removal batteries are slightly larger, which is not ideal.
  2. Bulky: Removable batteries are bulkier as they come with battery information sticker and additional connector which makes it bulky.
  3. Damage: As user can remove the battery thus chance of damging by person is more.
  4. Waterproof Having Removal battery means having removable back panel and removing back panel makes phones loose waterproof ability.
  5. Restrictions: Having removable battery inside phone restricts many features, like split battery is practically not possible with removable batteries.

Advantages and Disadvantages of non-removable batteries

  1. Size: Non-removable batteries are comparatively smaller as there is not .
  2. Not bulky: Non-removable batteries are comparatively light weight.
  3. Less Damage: The phone user cannot easily access the battery, so it is less likely to be damaged.
  4. Waterproof: Non-removable battery phones are generally made in such way that water cannoot enter phone.
  5. Few restrictions: Non-removal batteries can be devided into two different parts which makes designing smartphone more flexible.
  1. Hard to replace: Replacing battery is hard, it require trained person to replace the battery.
  2. No hard restart: In a situation if your phone stcuks and nothing works then removing battery and again placing it is prefered but non-removable batteries are very hard to remove.

Reasons manufacturers of phones Nowadays have a non-removable battery in most of their phones?

There were multiple reasons that phone brands started making there most of the phones with non-removable batteries that we have explained below.

1. Waterproof phone

Around 2016-17 phone brands started recognizing that the back panel that comes with a removable battery phone was the reason for entering the water into the phone.

Thus as the solution brands started making phones with a sealed back panel and non-removable battery.

2. Slim & lightweight phone

The removable battery comes with stickers and connectors which makes the battery thicker and heavier and with such a battery the phone also becomes thicker and heavier.

In order to make the phone lighter and slimmer, the brand started making their phones with a non-removable battery.

3. Design

With a removable battery, it was not possible to split the battery into two parts, on their side non-removable batteries can be divided into two parts which makes designing some unique phones like Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2 which have 2 batteries.

Legion Phone Duel 2
Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2 – split batteries

4. Fast Charging

To improve the user experience of their smartphones brands started giving Fast charging features that can charge phones in less than an hour.

But there was a problem with regular removable batteries that connectors should be more so that battery can be fastly charged but an increasing number of battery connectors is not practically possible so as a solution non-removable battery with many connectors was selected and used which can support even 120W fast charging.

5. Less Likely to get damaged

Owners of removable battery phones are usually used to remove the battery for different reasons, in such cases unknowingly user may damage the battery.

But on the other hand, in the non-removable battery phone, the user cannot easily remove the battery. Thus user himself is less likely to damage it. Thus to extend battery life non-removable battery is good preference.


There are many advantages and disadvantages that most manufacturers have to use the non-removable battery, That we have tried to explain the hope you like it.

So these were the reasons for manufacturers of phones Nowadays have a non-removable battery in most of their phones.

What’s your opinion on this topic let others know in the comment box.

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