10 Best Fonts For MIUI Xiaomi/ Mi/ Redmi smartphones

There are more than 7.5 lakh fonts available in the world which have different user bases. Every font has its unique size, shape, height, spacing and many fonts are language-specific.

In addition to this, there are some smartphone fonts that are colourful which creates more choices for smartphone users to set on their smartphones.

Choosing the right font for your smartphone is very important as it influences users perceptions and has a massive impact on readability.

For Xiaomi smartphone users there is a specific ‘Themes’ app from which you can download many fonts and use them easily. There are thousands of fonts that you can download and use for free of cost.

So, using a different font is completely dependent on your choice, so here in this post, we have given the 10 best fonts list that are the most used Top fonts, so keep reading this post to know about them.

10 Best Fonts for MIUI Xiaomi/Mi/Redmi/Poco smartphones

1. iOS Emoji

iOS Emoji font

If you are looking for a balanced normal font for the Xiaomi smartphones then iOS Emoji is made for you. To install this font, please follow the steps given below after this list.

2. The Favorite

The Favorite font

To install this font, please follow the steps given below after this list.

3. Winter love

Winter love font

If you want a modified dark font for fun then the Winter love font is made for you.

4. Walt Disney

Walt disney font

If you love cartoons and Walt Disney characters then Walt Disney font is a must for your smartphone.

5. Candy town

Candy town font

If you want a fun childish, colourful font for your Xiaomi smartphone then Candy town font is made for you.

6. Lovely Girl

Lovely Girl font

Another colourful font, but you will struggle to read if you have colourful wallpaper on the home screen thus you should use dark wallpaper if you want to use this font.

7. Blound Girl

Blound Girl font

The Blound girl font is simple modified Roboto font that is loved by many people.

8. IPhone_X

IPhone X font

IPhone_X font is an inspired font from the IPhone X series to use this font follow the steps given below this list.

9. Moby Pixel

Moby Pixel font

10. Mousse Cake

Mousse Cake font

How to Install these fonts on your Xiaomi Smartphone

First up all copy the name of the font you want to set on your smartphone from our list

set font 1

Now Open Settings

font change mi

Now Tap Themes Option which will automatically open Themes app in your smartphone

font change mi 1

Now paste name of the font which you copied in step 1 or just type the font you want to download then select the font.

set font 2

Open and Download the font you want to set on your smartphone

set font 3

Now tap Apply.

set font 4

To apply the font reboot the device.

set font 5

chnage font mi
chnage font mi

chnage font mi

font change mi

font change mi 1
font change mi 1

font change mi
set font 1

What is default font of Xiaomi/ Mi/ Redmi/ Poco smartphone

Most Android smartphones come with Roboto font as default, because it is developed by Google as the system font for its mobile operating system Android.

How to go back to the default font in the Xiaomi phone

Go to the Themes app then go to the fonts section, now here you will see the ‘Roboto’ font which is your default font. To set it tap apply and then reboot the device.


Hope you got the best fots that you can use on your redmi/ mi device and for more help we have also shared steps to access these fonts easily.

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