Best Waterproof Cases/ Pouches For Smartphone


Once in a while in India, you may come in such condition where you may need waterproof protection for your Android or iPhone smartphone so keep in touch with this post to know every about pouches/ cases/ cover for protecting your smartphone while on the beach, swimming, rafting, surfing, fishing, sailing, diving, boating, canoeing, kayaking, snorkelling, skiing, water sports, hiking, camping, bath, spa, travel and so on.

1. Waterproof Universal pouches/ bag

● Tarkan Universal pouch


If you have an expensive smartphone or want to have the best universal pouch then consider the Tarkan Universal pouch it is made of high strength leather and can handle a lot of pressure.

Whether it is any water sport and swimming or rainy conditions it can carry a smartphone without any water damage.

● Storite 5 Pack Waterproof Pouch


Have a budget of 500 rs and want more than 3 pouches then go for the storite 5 pack pouch it is value for money 

● BOBO Universal Waterproof Pouch pack of 2


It is made of High-quality TPU plastic which is can carry a smartphone of up to a 7-inch diagonal size which makes it a universal pouch for smartphones. You get a Pack of two units under 500 rs which is great value definitely.

● Pamirate Waterproof pouch pack of 2


Pack of 2 in 300 rs is again value for money you pay. It is provided with 3 layer velcro zipper which makes it more waterproof.

● Joto Universal pouch


Under 80 Rs. you get IP8X waterproof protection, snap and lock, with neck strap which is cheapest among this list so if you looking for a cheap one then go for it.

2. Waterproof Backcover

I am talking about the back cover that can close the ports (headphone jack, microphone, speakers, etc.) of your smartphone so that water wouldn’t be allowed to enter the smartphone, but to be frank there are only a few smartphones for which back covers are available. Some of them are enlisted below.

iPhone Cover :

The following back covers are the best waterproof covers you can use while scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming, etc which you can get in India.

Samsung cover :

The following back covers are the best waterproof covers you can use while scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming, etc which you can get in India.


    1. If you want your pouch to float on water, then leave some air in the pouch before sealing.

    2. To work touch flawlessly in this case, squeeze out most air before sealing. Leaving air bubbles makes it difficult to use the touch.

    3. For risk and hassle-free usage, it is always recommended that you test the pouch by inserting a dry paper or tissue before using it underwater.

    4. smartphones may suffer hydraulic pressure under certain water depths, which will impact the performance of the touchscreen. Use volume buttons in this case to take photos.

    5. Mobiles with big cases are not recommended to use.

    6. The formation of fog inside the pouch is a natural phenomenon that occurs when the temperature is different inside and outside of the pouch.

    7. DOT NOT use a pouch or cover in water with a temperature of 35 degrees Celsius or above.

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