Is It Okay To Use A Laptop While It Is Charging? Why Or Why Not?

Charging Laptop

When you have connected the plug of your A/ C adapter(charger) to your Laptop, the laptop uses the power of the charger and the power, which is not used by the laptop working is allowed to charge the battery of the laptop.

Since the battery is not directly connected to the battery, the battery charges slowly than usual.

Most of the new laptops made from the year 2015 are made with care that they don’t get overcharged or charge properly while plugged in with the charger.

Hence, It is ok to use a Laptop to use while it is charging.

Few Tips to Increase battery life of your Laptop:

  • Don’t let your Laptop die out of battery.
  • Keep your Laptop cool especially when charging.
  • To increase battery time use Battery, Saver.
  • Disable non-essential software that you dont use.
  • Don’t plug in for charge laptop all time.

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