Does Pairing With Bad Smartphones Affects Smartwatches?

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The question you are looking at in the title was asked by one of our viewers.

To find an answer to this question I went through different articles and I didn’t find anything strong related to this scenario.

I repair smartphones for 3-4 years, so on that basis, I will say there is a very low chance of damage to a smartwatch if you connect to a smartphone even if there is Malware in the smartphone it has a very low potential to give damage to that smartwatch.

Apple’s Smartwatch runs on WatchOS, Samsung smartphone runs on Tizen OS(Operating System) which if you infect with a smartphone’s malware, then it will not affect that watch as Operating System of smartwatches are different than a smartphone.

Hence, if you have doubt about some smartphones having malware in them I will say, they have a 10% chance to damage your smartwatch.

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