Changing the APN Settings Increases Network Speed or It Is Gimmick

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You may have seen many videos and posts related to increasing internet speed by using APN Settings. So in this short post, we have explained it in detail so keep reading.

What is APN & What it does?

APN stands for Access Point Name. In simple words, APN is a gateway between your mobile network and computer network.

When you use the internet it uses your APN which decides the IP address, security methods, and how or if it should be connected to a private network.

APN also decides the type of service i.e Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) server, Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS).


Changing the APN Increases Network Speed or It Is Gimmick

When the internet was new to India there were some loopholes in Internet providers most of the loopholes was in WAP and MMS, which people were using to get more internet speed and more data also. This all used to happen before 2013-14.

In later years all Telecom companies identified and fixed all loopholes, which were used by many users.

Now it’s been 7-8 years since this trick doesn’t work but people dont know about the reality they watch videos and also visit different blogs to get the new APN settings that actually slow down your internet speed. Dont believe me then watch these two videos



That’s why you should avoid such APN related tricks, it will slow down your internet rather than speeding up the internet.


Genuine Ways to Boost your internet speed:

To increase your internet speed try my small tips they will give you 100% result that’s for sure.

  • Don’t change your default APN settings.
  • Find the best spot in your home where you get the best network strength mostly near windows you may get the best strength of the network.
  • Not getting normal speed then try turning on Aeroplane mode for 10 seconds.
  • Close background apps that may require data.
  • Uninstall unusual data consuming apps.
What is your opinion did your internet speed increase by changing APN do let me know your thoughts on this.

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