FIX: You May Not Have A Proper App For Viewing This Content Solution

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There are many errors in the android phone which are really annoying and “you may not have a proper app for viewing this content” is one that error which is really annoying and time-consuming too.

Sometimes when you download an apk file from a website/ WhatsApp/ FB or some unknown file then your mobile says this error mostly.

This error popups mostly when your device doesn’t have any proper app/ software to execute and open that file.


Installing APK:

So if you download an APK file in this case, you can try checking your file manager and go to its APK section here you may find your downloaded file. 

If you don’t find the app then try searching it in the downloads section.

After finding tap on it to install it. Still, if you are not able to install it then try rebooting your phone.


Viewing Unkown file:

If you have downloaded another file and you aren’t able to open it then try opening it in another app. To open it in another app long tap on that file and try finding an option to open it in another app.

If you are still not able to open the file then try to find its type. You can know the type of your file easily by using the site. Also, you can visit which will also help you to find the extension of the file.

After knowing the file type you can easily download the app that supports that file extension from different android app providing sites.

Whatsapp :

If you have dual Whatsapp or all the permissions required for proper working of Whatsapp if not allowed then also you can face this problem. To solve this issue you should go to Settings > Apps > App Manager > Whatsapp > App Permissions and allow all necessary permissions to storage and your issue will be solved.

Similarly if you are facing problem related to saving contact from Whatsapp then you shuld give required permission for proper working of Whatsapp.

Mail :

Simiar to the previous case if your are trying to mail  someone and it saying “You May Not Have A Proper App For Viewing This Content” then you should allow permission to that particular app for mail.

Did you face the same problem let us know via your comments.

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