How To Convert 3G or 4G Smartphone to 5g Smartphone

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I ignored it but later I found that there are many peoples who were tricking people to get a few views. Many of them were using some kind of editing tricks to show that they converted 3G device to 4G device or Converted 4G device to 5G device.

So in this post, we are talking about can we convert our device or it’s just a gimmick that is used by people to get views.

Can we convert a 3G phone to a 4G phone or a 4G phone to a 5G phone?

The straight answer is No.

In smartphones, the basic requirement to have a 3G/ 4G / 5G signal connection is a specific supported processor.

If your smartphone’s old processor is 3G ready and it doesn’t support 4G then you cant convert it to 4G, similarly you cant convert a 4G phone to a 5G phone.

If the older smartphone can be converted to a next-generation network then why do smartphone companies tell you to do that, smartphone companies also want to provide the best experience, isn’t it.

The latest 5G ready phones are coming on the expensive side as they are coming with a new piece of technology that is 5G which is currently expensive and it is not that easy to enable it in the old phone.

There is a fun prank done by a Renda on Amazon App Store related to converting to a phone from 3G or 4G to 5G. (Read the description)

Final Words🔥:

3G, 4G and 5G networks are not software related feature they are hardware related feature that is supported by specific hardware support such as a processor. That’s why dont try such foolish videos and waste your precious time.

When 6G will come then people will start making videos on “how to convert smartphone to 6G” 😅 so dont look after such videos without confirming it on other social media platforms. We are also here to hunt such people.

I found two Hindi videos that may explain to you in video form.

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