4 Ways To TURN ON/ OFF Mobile Data of Your Android Smartphone

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That’s why to help you through this situation and turn on mobile data on your Android smartphone we are writing this article.

4 ways to turn on mobile data of your Android smartphone

Control Panel :

By using the Control panel of your smartphone you can easily turn on data just swipe down from the top side of your smartphone which will open the control panel now you just have to find and tap on the “↑↓” symbol to turn on the control panel.

② Widget :

Every smartphone has the option to create a widget on a home device from which you can create a shortcut for turning on/ off your mobile data.

③ Google Assistant :

By using Google assistant you can also turn on your mobile data. You just have to install the Google Assistant app which is less than 1MB.

We can do many things using Google assistant just you have to say. You can say “Ok Google” or manually activate the Google assistant. 

Now just say “Turn Off my mobile data”, it will immediately turn off your mobile data but you have to Manually turn on Mobile data as Google assistant won’t work without the internet.


④ From settings :

Open the Settings app and just navigate to “Sim Cards & Mobile Networks”. Now just find and turn off Mobile data.


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