(Solution) Trouble Accessing Your Contacts Account In Google Pay

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GPay is one of the most used payments app used in India. To do payments you just have to connect your bank account to Google Pay app and it will be ready to pay anywhere you just need active internet.

Recently, my cousin sent me a screenshot of the Google Pay error and in that screenshot, it was showing payment failed due to trouble Accessing your contacts.

I checked this query on different social media and found easy Four easy ways to fix this error both on Android and iPhone. So follow all three steps one by one and this error will be solved.

① Update:

Check if there is a new update for the GPay app in Google play Stor or App store according to your Operating system.


② Clear cache:

Long tap on Google pay and go to app info and find the option for clear cache and tap on clear cache option.

If you are not able to find App info then go to Settings > Apps > Gpay > Find and tap Clear cache.

Check if the payment is working or not. If it is still not working then try the third solution provided below.


③ Restart :

Sometimes there is an error in the Smartphone itself so try to restart/ reboot your smartphone and once again try to do payment if the error is still there then try the fourth solution provided below.

④ Check Permission :

In my case, this solution worked for me. Long tap on the GPay app and go to App info. Not going to all permissions then find and Allow contacts permission to GPay.

If you are not able to find App info then go to Settings > Apps > Gpay > Find and allow contacts permission to the GPay.

Now it must solve the error and if you are still facing the issue then you can contact the help centre of Google pay.

Then comment us we will definitely look after it.

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