Biggest Reasons You Should Avoid Pirated Software

AVvXsEjQr2tPV itgSgk sCqZRN4x pu3n6eupcMHnjXNKqvX3Eayv6KUs8z5FynwX80CWy rC59oMGXm YAyWb0PgYIlG2Mou4VepNI4rg jvfDzqJFPpT3KdanunNfCtPbngwJ8ZQOc8aTwiPyKZu10HJOyKdQInDV6buxulGwWLux9dGuHTLm7Zz4wyJM=s16000 rwTo do specific work from your smart device such as Windows, Android or iOS you need specific Software and presently there are hundreds of Software and app download sites that provide software download services.

But there are various software that are not free to run them you have to pay some money and here comes the role of the pirated software.


What are Cracked/pirated Software & Why do they exist?

Cracked software are also called Pirated Software.

Cracked software is a copy of the original software which is a free version of paid software or a version with some additional premium features, which are generally made by changing root files. 

Sites that provide such cracked software in bulk are called cracked software download sites.

Many people can’t afford to buy software as most of them aren’t affordable at all. I have also seen some sites using blogger templates.

Also sometimes a specific software is needed only for small work so in this case, people tend to buy cracked software rather than being it.


Dangers, Disadvantages & Risks of using Cracked Software

No Update: As you are not using a legal version you will not get any new updates and features that may help you work more efficiently.

No Offers: As you are not using the licenced version new offers that may save you lots of money will not be 

Crash: Most software are pirated by changing some root files of that software and changing root files creates correlated problems which result in the crashing of pirated software.
Malware: Pirated software can be made available through different social media and people who provide may have the motive to infect your device with malware. We have written a detailed article about malware and their types do read it here.
Untrusted Sites: To download such software you have to open sites that bounce you from multiple sites. And sites on which you redirect may have malware so be aware. You can use Adblocker to avoid multiple redirects.
Illegal: Using such software is illegal and you get fined if you are found using unlicensed or pirated software. If you don’t believe me then read the cases which I have provided below.

Using Pirated Software for Business:

Using pirated software is not that risky at a personal level but if you are using such software for your business then it may cause you multiple serious problems such as- 

  • All computers may get infected by malware.
  • You might get a penalty for using pirated software by the real owner of the software.
  • As you using a cracked version you cannot chat with support staff.
Such many threats you may get by using pirated software.

Cases happened due to using Cracked software:

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By giving cases you will definitely get a good insight into what losses may happen by using cracked software.
Malaysia – On 3 April 2018, the KPDNKK Penang branch raided three Penang-based offices in case of using unlicensed software. They seized RM 479,000 (8,608,108 INR) worth of equipment. Which was a huge loss to that company and the company got defamed too, as result, they lost there most of their clients. You can read the full story here.
United states – Two Kansas companies were fined to pay $1,50,000 (11,217,945 INR) for using pirated software. You can read the full story here.
India – A local IT firm in Delhi was fined 30 Lakh for using cracked versions of MS Office and Adobe Photoshop. To read this all case go here.
India – An Indian textile company was agreed to pay a 100,000 (66 lakh Rupee) penalty for settling a fee for using pirated software. To read the full case check here.

You may say all companies that were fined were big companies, no legal issues will happen to small businesses right?? You have completely got it wrong, as there are many small businesses too which were fined large fines because of using pirated software.

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