Why Oneplus Smartphones are Missing on Flipkart?

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Today I was searching for Oneplus smartphones on Flipkart and I realised that Oneplus smartphones aren’t available on Flipkart. 

So I searched about this query and I found that not only in India but also globally Oneplus has a partnership with Oneplus to sell their smartphones. That’s why Oneplus’s new smartphones are available to buy on Flipkart.

Other Oneplus products like TV’s, smartwatches, headphones, etc are available on Flipkart to buy.

In future, Oneplus may break the partnership with Amazon in India. But for now, Oneplus is only available on Amazon.

PS- Flipkart also owns a 2Gud site where they sell refurbished and second-hand smartphones at discounted prices. On 2Gud you may find Oneplus smartphones for selling as there is no barren to sell refurbished smartphones.


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