What are Feature phone and Smartphones: Actual Difference

feature phone vs smartphone

Nowadays, smartphones are getting more popular than feature phones which is obvious but still feature phones have their specific market and value.

Many people confuse between smartphones and feature phones that’s why we are writing this post. So keep reading this post till the end to know the difference and some interesting facts too.

What is a Feature phone?

 Feature phones are mobile phones that have designs similar to the earlier generations, a small non-touch display, limited basic functions, and buttons as input.

When compared to smartphones they are also called dumb phones.

Feature phone usually runs on MediaTek MAUI software with software based on Java ME or BREW. They have limited basic functions such as text messaging, Bluetooth, FM Radio, calculator, voice calling, Internet, torch, music player. On the other hand, many brands also include some features of smartphones like WI-FI, Digital rear camera, games, video player in order to increase user experience.

In earlier days Feature phones were typically mid-range devices, between basic mobile telephones on the low end, with few or no features beyond basic calling and messaging, and business-oriented smartphones on the high end. The best-selling feature phones include those by Nokia, the Razr by Motorola, the multimedia-enabled Sony Ericsson W580i, and the LG Black Label Series that targeted retail customers.

These days main attraction to feature phones is their durability and extended battery life per one charge (viz standby and talk times). In emerging markets, a feature phone remains the primary means of communication for many.

What is a smartphone?

Definition :

The smartphone is a handleable mobile phone that have a touch for interaction and capabilities of a feature phone in addition it has the capability of the computer.

Android,  iOS, Windows, Tizen, kaiOS, Chrome OS are the most famous operating systems used in smartphones nowadays.

Smartphone has the capability to do lot more things like taking images, locating a location. 

In fact, today’s smartphones are so capable that they can beat old Supercomputers. For example, Apple’s new A14 Bionic chip has a 16-core Apple Neural engine that can perform 11 TFLOPS which is way more speed than the IBM ASCI White supercomputer launched in the year 2000 that can perform 7.2 TFLOPS.

Difference Between Feature Phone and smartphone?

Lot more processing :

In feature phones, the Peak speed that is FLOPS is very less compared to smartphones, which is obvious as smartphones are expected to do more work.

Design and user experience :

In terms of design most feature phone comes with same bulky traditional design and almost same OS with same user experience, but on the other hand, smartphones come in lot more designs and user experience.

Ruggedity :

In this single aspect feature phones surpass smartphones.

If we drop feature phone and smartphone 10 times from 2-meter size in different angles then the smartphone will definitely stop working, on the other end there is a big chance that feature phone will survive.

Smartphones screen is basically made of glass and glass can break off course but in feature phones, there is a plastic screen that does not break easily.

New possibilities :

Recently in a camera of iPhone Lidar was introduced which was more futuristic and awesome but in feature, phone developing and innovating new things is very difficult and have less usability.

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