What If You Recharge Unlimited Plan On Non Smart Phone Will You Get Unlimited Talktime And Data?

recharge on non smartphone

Recently while doing recharge to my fathers’ phone which is actually a feature phone (non-smartphone), I was doing recharge for the Talktime but by number mistake, I recharged with a monthly unlimited plan.

It s was so embarrassing for me, on some research I got to know that I can use both the benefits of unlimited plans i.e Internet and Unlimited Talktime too.

Then on the next day, I thought that the recharge is done, I can’t do anything now, I have to use that data and I said to my father that you can talk as much you want with relatives and friends Talktime is unlimited!

I have to use that data but how? there was no hotspot or anything special to use that internet of course in that feature phone that’s why In the night time I used to remove the sim card later put it in my smartphone and use that internet as I want. 

I manage to use that internet for about 20 days.

If you are in the same situation you can do the same thing as I did but it was a little frustrating for me of course or you can try to talk with your telecom company some telecom companies may help you to cancel that recharge or refund somehow.

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