Hello Google Kaise Ho Aap (हॅलो गूगल कैसे हो आप)

google assistantRecently voice assistants are got very useful and entertaining too, and Google is working on it to improve its user experience day by day.

Technology has got so ahead that we can now talk with google and it will reply to you within seconds! All thanks to AI and MAchine learning which have made such imaginable things possible in our life.

To talk with google you just have to download and install Google Assistant which is free to download and use.

After a successful setup, you can give various commands to Google voice assistant with just talking you dont need to touch your phone.

Most people like to ask google various questions Many people ask Hello Google Kaise ho Aap? And we are talking about this phrase in this post.

What is ‘Hello Google Kaise Ho Aap’ (हॅलो गूगल कैसे हो आप):

Google Assistant is very useful and it has more than 500 million users in the world of which most users are from India. 

That’s why people in India ask various questions in different local languages and in India there are more than 19500 languages out of which Google assistant supports nearly 10 languages.

Out of these 10 languages, the Hindi language is known by most people in India and they can speak Hindi very well that’s why most people use to talk in Hindi with Google assistant in India.

Hello, Google Kaise Ho Aap is Hindi version which actually means Hii Google, How How Are you? It is written in English because most people prefer to write in the Hindi-English language which is Hinglish.

When you talk Hello Google Kaise Ho Aap it will reply ‘Mai Thik Hu! Aapka din Kaise Chal Raha hai?’ After that whatever you say google assistant will reply differently.

For example, if you reply Badhiya Aur aapka, it will reply differently and in case you reply mai Ub Gaya hu it will reply differently and these replies may vary word to word. This all is possible due to AI and Machine Learning.

Google Assistant replies for different answers
Google Assistant replies for different answers

Other Similar phrases/ sentences:

  • Hi google kaise ho (हाय गूगल कैसे हो )
  • Hi Google kaise ho tum (हाय गूगल कैसे हो तुम )
  • Hi Google kaise ho google (हाय गूगल कैसे हो गूगल )
  • Hi google kaisi ho (हाय गूगल कैसी हो)
  • Google kaise ho (गूगल कैसे हो)
  • Google aap kaise ho (गूगल आप कैसे हो)

How to Download and Setup Google Assistant:

To download Google Assistant go to Play Store or any Android app download sites and search for Google Assistant then download and install the app.

After installing the app tap on the user icon and then go to Search Settings. Now you can customise many settings. But the most important setting is the language in which you have to choose the language you can speak and talk fluently.

Whatever language you choose google will also talk to you in that language thus make sure you can speak and understand that language.

hindi setting for google assistant

Google Assistant Features/ Things you can do with Google Assistant:

With Google Assistant you can do various things only by your voice, you just need to give input by talking and it will work. You need to touch your smartphone.

Without touching Smartphone you can use Google Assistant to-

  • Control connected smart devices
  • Get information of whether 
  • Get direction to any destination
  • Play offline or online music
  • Make appointments and send messages
  • Open apps on your phone
  • Run timers and reminders
  • Set Reminder and run timer
  • Ask for any online information
  • Read your notifications
  • Real-time language translations

Similar voice Assistants like Google Assistant:

  1. Microsoft Cortana
  2. Apple Siri
  3. Amazon Alexa


Hello, Google Kaise Ho is one of the most used phrase used by Indians to ask google how are you google. Other similar phrases are also used for which Google AI and Machine learning are capable of giving answers to your various question easily.

Have any question then do not hesitate to ask we will definitely try to solve it for you.

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